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        In the everlasting sunshine that flooded heaven, Zeus tossed and turned, unable to rest tranquilly. With only three thunderbolts left, he must mull over the candidates; that that way can he decide wisely. To consolidate his power, he dispatched his covetous brother to the realm to ensure authority; to prevent the power of the Elder Gods in heaven from being exhausted, he had sent the peerless blacksmith to seek sources of the power in the realm of Humans. He then needed an intelligent envoy to investigate why Demons were in the realm of Humans. Even after much consideration, Zeus could hardly select a suitable candidate. The worries in his mind could not be relieved, that his head began to swell like the abdomen of a pregnant woman. This caused his inability to hear the approaching footsteps of the teenager, who had his hammer in hand.

        Upon setting foot in Zeus’ bedroom, he hurled his hammer at the drowsy Zeus without hesitation. The act stunned Zeus but before he could respond, the hammer had split his head, from where a weeping armored maiden leaped out.

        “Father, I’m here to resolve your worries.”

        When Zeus’ head split, a crack also reverberated across the skies in the realm of men. The resounding boom resonated through the land, while billows were spiralling on the sea. The sun was confined to where it was. Seeing the maiden in tears, the teenager forged her a spear with a piece of long-living grain and weaved her a shield made of cane. Holding the spear in her right hand and the shield on her left, her tears finally stopped, gradually turning into a smile. Only with that was calm restored.

        “Father, my duties in heaven are fulfilled.” said the teenager to Zeus calmly.

        Zeus’ wound soon closed and his previous headache gone and his surprise turned into delight. He pulled out one of the thunderbolts and handed it to the maiden. “Athena is the embodiment of my intelligence and thoughts, as well as the Goddess of war and harvest.”

        The teenager held the maiden’s hand in his, saying goodbye to their father. They then slid down to the realm of men on the thunderbolt.