Athena stood upon the cliffs, coldly observing all happening before her eyes. She had never thought that Courts of Zodiacs, their godly peers after all, would betray them and help Humans. This war had also lasted far longer than she had anticipated. In the raging inferno below, two Courts of Zodiacs fought on bitterly in spite of the wave after wave of enemies pounding against them. Even though they were the few selected by Astralists, they could still feel fatigue and fall. That was what Athena had thought at the beginning, and that was why she had stood pat. She thought an extended war would attrite them. Yet, this had not been the case.

        Displeasure filled Athena’s heart at the thought of Gods’ almighty dignity being tarnished at this very moment. At, her excitement also grew as if the war itself was summoning her. Her desire to defeat the strong grew. She grabbed her spear and shield, and leapt...

        Galio’s body was racked with panting. His strength had long gone and only his resolute will sustained him. He still carried his giant broadsword, fighting against the godly soldiers nearby. Suddenly, a great power descended from the skies. While Galio evaded in time, soldiers less fortunate were reduced to ashes.

        “Not bad!” Athena stood before Galio, commending him.

        “Hmpf...Seems like you are not particularly powerful. You couldn’t even take me out even with the element of surprise...”

        Galio’s words enraged Athena, prompting the latter to charge him with her spear. Athena’s attack was fast and ferocious with every blow raining upon pre-existent wounds. Galio was at the end of his wits; not only was retaliating out of the question, even merely fending off her attacks was a struggle. A sudden thrust knocked Galio’s broadsword into the air; successive punches and kicks then landed on him. Athena was hoping to truly eviscerate him entirely before ending his misery.

        “Time for this to end.”

        Collapsed on the ground, Galio was at Athena’s mercy. Athena raised her pronged spear high and summoned mighty elemental power. A long forgotten smile appeared on her face. Her bells of victory had just been rung...

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