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        Wherever the maiden set foot throughout the land, even if it is deserted barren lands, it would blossom into green meadows with the climate temperate as spring. Hence, all the countries of the realm worshipped Athena, as the Goddess of Wisdom and Harvest.

        The realm of Humans was embedded with the power of the Elder Gods. Unintentionally, Athena reactivated it as she pursued the Demons on Zeus’ orders. Since her birth from Zeus’ forehead, her only assigned mission was to investigate the movement of Demons. She never forgot her duty, not even for one moment.

        Driving her chariot while carrying her spear in the hand, the maiden sighed. She she had been investigating Demons for all those years; yet, she could only see the traces they left behind but she had actually seen any of them. Interacting with them was, thus, out of the question. Leaping off her carriage, she stepped into the demonic lair. However, Hephaestus, who had been accompanying her, suddenly raised his hammer against her, blocking her path forward.

        “As long as the war among the Gods is not settled, you will be unable to return to heaven.”

        “Get lost!” Athena rebuked Hephaestus.

        Hephaestus pointed his finger at the south, from where the flood was going to inundate the city of green foliage.

        “If the realm of Humans is to be destroyed by the power of the Elder Gods, what can we do with it then?”

        Athena soared into the air and hurriedly threw her spear into the ground. The spear turned into an olive tree which guarded the city from the flood set forth by Poseidon.

        Among all the Gods residing in the realm of men, Athena was the only one who schemed for Zeus. Unfortunately, she got involved in the war among the Gods. Her worshippers fought boldly and in the end, achieved several pyrrhic victories but still, all that did was fend off their enemies. With the progress of the war situation in fluctuation, the maiden gradually forgot her mission and actively threw herself onto the battlefield. The distance between her and the reason behind Zeus sending her to the realms grew.