In a planet filled with fine sand, a giant dragon fell into a deep slumber. It was Daoloth the creator. This sand planet was one of its million brainchildren.
        After the creation, the exhausted Daoloth was resting on the land, but its sleep did not go well thanks to a disruption of meteorite. While turning over its gigantic body, Daoloth accidentally hit a rock.
        The rock was knocked flying to the meteorite and split in half. The left side was perfectly intact; and the right side had a minute crack. Absorbing Daoloth’s energy at the same time, the smooth half gave birth to Ghatanothoa while the flawed half gave birth to Atlach Nacha. Their existence had awakened Daoloth from the deep slumber. As it woke, a noise that had been accumulating in its body finally released. In response to Daoloth’s call, , its followers landed from the end of the universe one by one gracefully.
        “So this is the land of life? Hahaha, pretty nice.” Arwassa the green dragon gave a deafening laugh as it spread its wings.
        “Daoloth, shall we start creating,” asked Ubbo Sathla the blue dragon in awe. Without saying a single word, Daoloth raised its claws to pick up Ghatanothoa and Atlach Nacha as tiny as stardust.
        Without any senses developed, they were like newborns clinging to each other as if both were two in one. Daoloth’s eyes glittered, and it gave these two fragile creatures power through its breath. Their bodies instantly expanded; meanwhile, their consciousnesses starting to become mature.

        “My birthplace, my home…”

        Looking around, Atlach shifted its attention to the vigorous beast Ghatanothoa.

        “...My brother.”

        With relentless creation, Daoloth and its followers made the plant thrive on variety. But this meant nothing to Atlach, who remained indifferent as to the overjoyed Ghatanothoa.
        Atlach’s apathy was congenital. There was an unfixable crack on its consciousness. Since it became aware, nothing could bring it satisfaction, as if all happiness would slip away from its crack.
        Atlach was unable to feel the beauty of existence. Everything in this world was void and meaningless, and this giant breach of emotionlessness had left it nothing but blue.
        “Atlach, why frowning all the time?” A beast stepped and rolled on the sand in a good mood. Even from a distance, one could feel its joy spilling out, something that Atlach would never comprehend as it found nothing worthy of being happy about.
        “Look, beautiful this world isn’t it? As long as Daoloth is here, we’ll be so energetic. How wonderful!”
        “Beautiful…? I don’t get it.” Atlach gazed at Ghatanothoa, the beast born together with itself by Daoloth’s hand.
        Unlike its flaw, Ghatanothoa was perfect in nature; it was insensitive to any despair and sorrow. It saw everything on its good side, and had no doubt about existence. Ghatanothoa always lived in the present.
        “Relax. You just need some time to sort it out. Come and play with me. Be open to feel everything, then you’ll understand the beauty in existence.”
        Neither had Ghatanothoa ever questioned its own existence, nor considered the possibility of the difference between both of them in substance. It took everything for granted, but this kind of perception made Atlach even more painful. After a couple of attempts, its effort was all in vain. To cover the twisted feeling inside, Atlach faked a smiling face for itself with silver silk.
        It came to Daoloth wearing that smile. The look Ghatanothoa revered Daoloth was hard for it to understand, let alone why it was created in this world. Atlach loathed itself; the meaning of its existence would always be an unsolvable mystery. Deep down, he was longing for an end to its pain one day.
        “The flaw inside me will never make me perfect...It’s a misery...Everything needs to be ended!”

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