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        After showing the people his miraculous fish catch previously, Atrahasis was assigned by Dumuzi to devise a new governing system for the town and gradually, he earned the people’s trust and loyalty. However, good times never last; Gilgamesh and his army invaded the town. Faced with the grave danger, Atrahasis could only put aside his accounting work of the harvest and step onto the battlefield with Ninurta. Gilgamesh’s army used gear that surprised even the Wise Entity — extremely long-ranged bow with double strings, arrows imbued with elemental power, and hook swords. The most appealing of them all were the element-transforming shields and elemental power-driven horse-shaped armor, which allowed soldiers to run and leap like horses, granting them mobility for both offensive and defensive purposes.

        “Teacher Anu was right. Everything is my teacher. Although Gilgamesh has done a myriad of evil deeds, his technology is amazing.” After the war, Atrahasis searched for the remains of the gear and admired the products of Gilgamesh’s wisdom. “This shield can automatically transform into any element. We can use it on our walls to enhance our defense. As to the horse-shaped armor, we can let the workers wear them, so their heavy burden of moving materials could be made easier.” Although Atrahasis was busy restoring the town, he could not wait to study Gilgamesh’s technology and learn from the Tome of Fate. He hoped to combine the knowledge and create brand new tools that could further improve people’s lives. However, just as the war ended, natural disasters were coming their way.

        “Venerable Atrahasis, the flood is about to strike the great hall! Venerable Dumuzi and the other officials are out of town. The townspeople are panicking...” Atrahasis had been staying at the border of the town to test how well the elemental shields could merge with the materials of the walls, and how much weight the horse-shaped armor could bear. Upon hearing the report, Atrahasis journeyed back to the hall for the Tome of Fate, but another town guard arrived in haste and said in a pant: “V...Venerable Atrahasis! The townspeople around the river are trapped by the flood and cannot escape to safety!”

        Atrahasis was faced with a dilemma: “When the people are endangered, the governor can never leave them. But the Tome of Fate is in the great hall...I cannot risk anyone’s life to fetch it for me...Teacher Anu, if you were me, which one would you choose? The people? Or the Tome of Fate?” Peering at the newly-mended wall and the reinforced horse-shaped armor, Atrahasis could not help but adore how the ancient Tome could help modern technology and boost their performance. It was only a small portion of the Tome of Fate; there were still a lot to be learned, which would certainly bring an immense step in the advancement of civilization. What a pity it would be if it was swept away by the flood?

        Atrahasis looked around again. There were anxious guards and panicked townspeople dashing around like headless chickens. They hurriedly exited the town, knocking over the helpless children and elderly, causing an ache in Atrahasis’s heart. He made up his mind and issued orders with a loud and firm voice: “You, pick up the shields and get me to the trapped townspeople. The others, split into teams and start the evacuation!”

        The guards raised the elemental shields and shifted them into fire elements, evaporating the incoming rush of water and opening up a way for Atrahasis, who was now wearing the horse-shaped armor. He advanced at full speed and arrived at the isolated place where a dozen people were yelling for help on the huts’ roofs. Flood water was high enough to submerge the huts which stripped the townspeople’s ability to escape. After observing the situation, Atrahasis ordered the guards to hold their position and block the flood as he jumped onto the roofs and carried the townspeople to safety, starting with the old and the weak. Fortunately, after the reinforcement, the armor could bear an unbelievable amount of weight, allowing all the trapped townspeople to be rescued quickly.

        After saving the townspeople, Atrahasis focused on warding off the disaster. When the flood slowly subsided, Atrahasis immediately returned to town, but only a wreckage awaited him and the Tome of Fate was nowhere to be seen. However, he did not regret his decision. Although he lost the book of knowledge, he lived the spirit of the Tome — he saved lives and was able to put his knowledge to good use. The double-stringed bow and the horse-shaped armor he had reinforced were even passed down to later generations...