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        ‘Why did you come?’

        “To gain more knowledge.”

        ‘What is knowledge?’

        “...” The giant’s question stunned Atrahasis into silence.

        What is knowledge? Since following the giant on a journey across the realm throughout various settlements and villages, Atrahasis had learnt many skills necessary in life; this included how to allocate resources or how to prevent catastrophes. But was this the knowledge he sought? No, no; it was more than this. He had more knowledge to learn. Atrahasis could kind of sense that he was searching for something; yet, he could not voice what it was that he sought...

        ‘You already possess sufficient ability. Go seek out your own answers.’

        Having told Atrahasis of that, the giant started heading towards a village. This time, Atrahasis did not chase after him, because he now understood that this answer can only be found through his own effort.

        A few years later, Atrahasis again returned where he and the giant went their separate ways. Yet, the giant had left along with the other Ancient Gods.

        “May I ask, whether you were also one of Teacher Anu’s students?” The thin man named Dumuzi standing before him asked.


        “Teacher left instructions before leaving — if someone comes in search of him, I should ask: ‘Why have you come?’”

        Hearing this question a few years later, Atrahasis did not reply without thought like he did the first time. Why have I come... Is it in search of knowledge? Is it to understand all in the world, and the guiding principles behind it? But why should I learn this? All in the world rotate throughout, but yet, are also linked throughout. Through this, they form the world. Humans are but a single link that builds the world. No matter how powerful they become, they cannot change the rotation of the entire world. Yet, as long as life continues perpetual, the body of knowledge shall as well.

        After great thought, Atrahasis replied: “It is probably the same reason you are willing to become the leader of Humans.” The response stunned Dumuzi for a moment, but in an instant, he had understood what Atrahasis meant. He then invited Atrahasis to stay in the village.

        Since then, Atrahasis utilized both the knowledge he had learnt from Anu and that gained through his journeys. With it, he supported Dumuzi and his counterparts’ efforts to establish and govern Human clan. Because of the vastness of his knowledge, he was honored as the “Wise Entity.”