Inside a temple, Auriga was listening to ancient god’s whispers with respect.

        “Auriga, are you sure you don’t want to become an astralist,” the ancient god asked.

        “Being an astralist has to stay in the palace. I ain’t patient enough for that,” Auriga said.

        “I get it. Then protect this world in your own way.”

        Arranged by the ancient god, Auriga accepted another quest, becoming a constellation to protect the realm of humans. He helped the people in trouble when he was travelling around the world with a carriage given by the ancient gods. One day, Auriga, who had been travelling alone, met an astralist-blessed girl named Draco; And the lonely Auriga gladly accepted her invitation when Draco proposed to travel together.

        Throughout the journey, Draco had been helping the clumsy Auriga, showing her exceptional intelligence. In contrast with his passiveness, she helped people in trouble proactively; And Draco’s perseverance had earned her Auriga’s genuine respect. Auriga even hoped that she could stay with him forever, but his hope was broken very soon.

        It was a cloudy day when they were heading to the next village. Before they made it to the destination, dense smoke was seen from the village. And the raging fire was burning down the buildings.

        “...What happened?”

        “No idea, but the fire is intense…Let’s save the people first!”

        Draco and Auriga rushed to the village once they hid the carriage away. The screaming of villagers revealed that this was demon’s invasion. The demons didn’t kill the villagers on sight; Instead, they were tied up on trees to torture.

        “Darn it! You shameless demons…I’ll punish you in the name of ancient gods!”

        The irritated Auriga conjured the astralist power, making his body shine. Then the sparkles gathered at his weapon. The demons were trying to flee as they had sensed something wrong, but they were chopped to death before they could make it. When Draco was untying the villagers, one grabbed her hand.

        “The demons are still in the village and my daughter is at the west side! Please save her!” the desperate villager said.

        “My mom is still trapped in the house at the east!” Another villager asked for rescue too.

        “Don’t worry. We’ll get them out!”

        The angry Auriga was already rushing towards the west before Draco told him to split up. Then she shook her head and headed to the east. Soon, Auriga turned to the east after slaughtering all the demons at the west. But a sudden scream led him to the cliff——

        “Stop if you don’t want this woman to get hurt!” A leader-like demon held Draco hostage, standing at the edge of the cliff.

        “No…Don’t listen to him. Kill him now!”

        With the wounds all over her body, it seemed that Draco had been through some brutal tortures, which irritated Auriga even more. But all he could do was suppressing the rage as the demon had Draco.

        “Let her go!”

        “Only if you give me the secret of astralist!”

        “What secret? I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Auriga said agitatedly, but the enemy didn’t buy it. The demon gently sliced Draco’s neck, making her bleed.

        “Tell me or you’ll regret it!” The demon threatened again.

        “I really don’t know,” the frustrated Auriga answered. The astralist power sensed his emotion, causing a disorder in his energy flow.

        “All demons are liars. The only way to save Draco is taking him down…I can do it. All I have to do is to trust the astralist power!” Auriga had a plan in his mind.

        Auriga conjured the astralist power rapidly then sprinted to the demon.


        “Die you demon!”

        Auriga wielded the weapon at the enemy, penetrating his abdomen successfully. But that demon hacked Draco and kicked her off the cliff with his last breath. Severely injured, Draco could do nothing but falling.

        “Draco!” Auriga tried to catch her, but the speed of falling was way faster than his. And all he could do was watching her fall, into the bottomless valley.

        “Draco! Draco!” Auriga’s rage shrunk, returning to his usual wimpy face. With tears swelling in his eyes, Auriga started weeping and sobbing.

        “People like me doesn’t deserve the astralist power…Draco…I’m sorry…”

        The sky started to rain heavily as if it could feel his grief; Raindrops hit his face, carrying his tears into the soil.

        It was the night that the cloud masked away the sparkles of Auriga.

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