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        Nathaniel was too busy fighting off the Demon soldiers in front of him that he neglected the Gnome attacking from behind. At that critical moment, Katherin dashed to Nathaniel’s side. She picked up a sword from the ground and deflected the Gnome's attack! However, the Gnome was so powerful that Katherin soon grew tired of defending herself and Nathaniel...Upon seeing Katherin’s arms beginning to tremble, the Gnome attacked more forcefully in hopes to defeat Katherin.

        Right at that moment, a ball of light flashed across behind Katherin. The Gnome, frightened by the incident, was hit to the ground. Before Katherin could react, Nathaniel dashed pass her, jumped up and stabbed the Gnome with his sword! The Gnome waved his limbs and then fell to the ground...Nathaniel turned around and gazed at Katherin, they nodded to each other and continued to fight the enemies.

        On their way to Enochian Tower, Nathaniel and his comrades met a Gnome and Demonic soldiers. In order to keep moving, the two parties fought! There were a lot of casualties, but Nathaniel and his comrades were victorious. That night, all the soldiers comfortably slept, except for Nathaniel and his comrades. They were resting by the fire: Molly was bandaging up Sean’s wounds, Duncan was brewing herbals while Endor put on her robe. Their leader Nathaniel was cleaning his armor, but when he picked up his sword, he seemed to recall something and he walked towards a tree. Katherin was sitting on the tree’s branch with a pen and notebook in her hands. She intently gazed at the sky and recollected everything that happened today. Lost in her memories, she paid no attention to her surroundings…

        “Katherin? What are you doing there?” Nathaniel’s words snapped Katherin back to reality. Nathaniel's sudden voice frightened Katherin. She lost her balance and fell from the tree! She closed her eyes and braced for impact, but surprisingly, she didn’t feel anything. Opening her eyes, she saw Nathaniel’s face. He smiled and asked: “Sorry to scare you. Are you alright?” Katherin immediately blushed and replied: “No...No! I’m fine, thank you!” Nathaniel picked up Katherin’s pen and notebook on the ground, scanned through a few pages, handed them back to her and said: “Well done! You've written down all our adventures.” “It’s a habit of mine. I was hoping for my recordings to be boring, meaning that our lives are pleasant and peaceful.” She firmly held her notebook. Nathaniel sighed: “You could have been an excellent writer if we lived in a peaceful time.” Katherin bitterly smiled. Time makes heroes. Who bothers to read during a time of chaos?

        Katherin and Nathaniel chatted under the tree until they returned to their camp to rest. In the morning, they continued fighting off Demons while they chatted in the evening. None of them knew if they could see each other the next night, so they deeply treasured their time together.

        After all the suffering they had to endure, Nathaniel and his comrades finally arrived at the ground floor of Enochian Tower. The six of them tightly held onto their weapons and made their way to the palace of Enochian Tower. “Finally, we are here in Enochian Tower...” Duncan said in astonishment. Nathaniel said: “We will, as we always do, come out victorious!” As they set out to ascend the stairs, the palace fiercely shook. The statues surrounding the palace began to move and attacked them!

        “What the…!”Sean took up his sword and as he was about to fight back, Katherin suddenly waved at him, gesturing him to stop: “I'll take care of this!” “But...” Nathaniel wanted to say something, but upon seeing the determination in Katherin's eyes, he held back. He turned and said: “Alright, We'll be waiting for you up there.” With these words said, he ascended the Tower. The others hesitated for awhile, but followed him.

        After they left, Katherin took out a few pieces of paper and filled her pen with runic power.With white light emitting from the paper, the animals Katherin drew came to life and fought alongside her. As the battle went on, scraps of paper flew and swirled in the air. Katherin was exhausted, and only had the will to survive pushing her forward. When she could barely catch her breath, a ray of light suddenly infused into her body, with Nathaniel’s voice echoing in her ears: “Don’t come up...Take care…” Tears immediately filled her eyes. Although they would never come back, Nathaniel gave her a ray of hope to live on. Surrounded by dynamic light power, she bravely dashed towards the stone statues near the door…

        After that, Katherin settled down in a village near Enochian Tower. Not only did she share their adventures with travellers, but wrote all of it into a book, hoping to make their stories known to the rest of the Realm. However, she didn’t mention herself in the book, thinking that she didn't ascent the Tower made her unworthy of the title "hero".

        After her book was completed, Katherin brought it with her to the Enochian Tower. She placed the book on the grassland in front of the Tower and touched the Tower, saying:”You will forever live in people’s minds…” She then closed her eyes, seemingly seeing Nathaniel waving his arms, smiling at her...