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        To protect the Ancient Dragon Power within, scholars turned ruins into a fort. However, not long after the fort’s completion, a Demonic Savant raided it with his Demon army and Combatants, hoping to plunder the power. The scholars fought a bitter battle; if not for their newly developed gear, they might have long been defeated.

        To defend themselves against powerful enemies, the scholars researched and developed a gear named “Dragonary Craft”. Though the gear harnessed great power within it, Midgley deemed it capable of defeating only their enemies, but not the Ancient Dragon itself. He pondered over a solution; looking upon the fort under repair, Midgley had an idea flashed across his mind...

        After much effort from the scholars, the fort had been restored to its previous appearance, and they themselves continued their research on Ancient Dragon Power. Just as the scholars were immersing in their research, the fort’s alarm suddenly screeched! They hastily dropped the documents in hand and hurried to the control room.

        “Is it another raid?” Gretchen nervously asked as she opened the door.

        “No! It’s something more important...” Agnesi pointed at the Ancient Dragon tracker. On it, they could see a red light not far from their location. Agnesi continued excitedly: “Our efforts are not in vain. We are finally on the Ancient Dragon’s trail!”

        The answer to the enigma was about to reveal itself. The scholars were all excited, but in her heart, Gretchen was worried...

        “According to the ancient manuscript, the Ancient Dragon is powerful and gigantic. Even if we find it, how are we going to study it? We might even frighten it off...” Gretchen’s words left the scholars in silence. If they really fail, who knows how much time they need to track it down again.

        Suddenly, Lisa and Midgley laughed together.

        “I’ve expected such a situation, so Lisa and I have added something to the fort during the repairs...” Even as he was speaking, his fingers danced across the control panel; the fort shook vigorously — the sides of the fort transformed into two giant wheels; two enormous metallic hands and two machine guns protruded from its bottom; and a cannon had also been installed in the middle of the fort.

        “The fort itself has the power to rival that of the Ancient Dragon! Only by capturing the Ancient Dragon can we study it thoroughly.” Midgley’s smile gradually grew, as he knew the source of the immense power he had yearned for was nearing...