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        Cooper, in her maiden form, released Pilatus from his seal, and explained the situation to Gretchen and her fellow scholars.

        Power from the realm of Humans was incessantly extracted through Enochian Tower. The realms’ weather began to change due to the situation’s perilousness. In tropical areas, the average temperature of winter was dropping yearly, and frost could be seen in some places. At the same time, water levels of reptile habitats were also decreasing. Some even began to show signs of desertification...All of this was proof that the realm was gradually losing its bond with the Elder Gods’ power and that the unbalanced realm was disintegrating.

        It was well-known that heaven was above Enochian Tower, so there must be a connection between the Gods who resided within and the situation’s causation, especially Zeus, the overlord of the Gods. He was the one who had asked the Humans to build the Tower in the first place; it was possible that he was the center of the current turmoil. Hence, Cooper wanted the scholars to lend her their power and solve the realm’s crisis, but they were no match for the immensely powerful Gods.

        Lisa recalled the initial aim of their research and said: “If we can locate Ancient Dragon Power, then maybe we can rival the Gods.”

        “That’s right! You’re emanating power similar to Ancient Dragon Power.” Gretchen piled on. “With your help, I’m sure we’ll find it soon!”

        Indeed, with the power and gear the scholars currently possessed, they could not fight Zeus even if they were able to climb the Tower. Cooper and Pilatus then agreed to help them seek Ancient Dragon Power while the scholars contemplated a method to fight against the Gods and Zeus himself.

        With Cooper’s ability to sense Ancient Dragon Power, the scholars’ research progressed dramatically: they crossed oceans in hopes of locating an ancient city that was recorded in classical documents. After months of journeying on Fort Stirling, they finally saw land in the vast sea. Suddenly, a storm struck. Gusts of wind formed mountainous waves; dark clouds gathered and hovered above them! Hurricanes do not normally occur in near-land seas, so all the scholars deemed it one of the abnormal phenomena caused by the disintegration of the realm. However, Cooper and Pilatus nervously focused ahead.

        “We are close,” Cooper said.

        From the fort, the scholars nervously peered at the stormy weather in front of them when they finally noticed an enormous figure — flapping its metallic wings of mixed elements, it was a three-headed gigantic dragon flying toward land.

        “Uranus! It must be the metallic dragon that possesses Ancient Dragon Power as stated in the documents.” Midgley yelled in excitement. “If we can take it back for research, we’ll be able to find the secrets behind its power!”

        While the scholars were blinded by excitement, Mark and Stinger had already combined and aimed at the flying Uranus: “Ready for battle. Fire.”

        The six barrels on Mark’s shoulder blasted incessant shots. Every single one landed accurately on the metallic dragon.

        “Be careful not to hurt it!” The four scholars almost yelled simultaneously.

        Mark’s attacks drew Uranus’ attention. It flapped its wings and turned toward the fort, two of its heads gathering spheres of elements. The light spheres darted toward the fort as Pilatus conjured earth elements in defense before the attack’s impact.

        “You should be worried about your safety, not Uranus’.” Cooper shook her head with a bitter smile, feeling both helpless and amused to see the scholars’ selfless desire for knowledge. However, it was also because of their innocent pursuing heart did Cooper choose to trust them and borrow their power.

        Midgley asked Geppetto to steer the fort to a relatively safe distance, but not too far to lose sight of Uranus: “If we are on our own, it would be difficult to capture it without harming it.

        “Leave that to us.” Cooper walked to the front of the deck where Pilatus stayed: “Pilatus, I need your help.” With a nod, Pilatus took Cooper toward Uranus.

        Cooper uttered a spell and synchronized the flow of Elder Gods’ power within Pilatus and herself. Suddenly, her body merged into Pilatus’, boosting his strength and power. The scholars could see Pilatus fly within Uranus’ range of attack and begin to fight Uranus’ two heads. Under Cooper’s guidance, Pilatus swiftly dodged Uranus’ attacks, and even tricked Uranus to inadvertently shoot its own wings!

        “Please borrow us your Ancient Dragon Power.” Cooper said to Uranus, who was escaping toward the land.

        Pilatus promptly caught up to it and coiled it like a snake. Uranus’ three heads, claws, wings, and tail were all tied up and unable to move. Eventually, it was brought to the fort where the scholars trapped it in a specially designed machine for a new chapter of research.