Whoop! An owl’s call echoed in a silent night. A lush grove moved from left to right suddenly. Azai, an impassive young man, held his breath and peeped through a crack to see what was going on from the grove. Staying hidden, he made sure the situation was safe before he moved on. Azai got out of the cave. As soon as he took out his pocket watch, the air filled with a strong smell.
        “Strong blood smell...It seems monsters are hunting again, or a new group of people has come to this place.” Azai went to a forest under the slopes. He was acting more cautious than usual, and planning to investigate the trap he set up last night. There were numerous broken bodies along the road. Having a glance at the corpses, Azai stepped on the flesh and blood calmly and kept going.
        He arrived at the trap site, but there was no animal falling into it. Taking a closer look, Azai found that the trap was destroyed. Judging from the remains, something broke out from the inside, so did the other traps. Azai reset the traps one by one, speculating the identity of the “destroyer”. An agitated feeling was brooding in his mind.
        “There is still some food inside the cave, but the water is almost finished.” Azai headed to a lake in the center of the forest for water. Suddenly, a melancholic song came from the opposite side of the lake. Attracted by the melody, Azai walked to the voice direction, going into the thicket carefully. Peeping through a crack, he was stunned by what he saw.
        A white-haired girl was kneeling down in the middle of the meadow. There were piles of corpses around her. The blood had turned the grass into red. The girl, with countless scratches on her body, was soaking in the moonlight. The silver gleam shone on her gorgeous face. Azai’s heart was beating fast. It was his first time to see such a beautiful lady.
        As the second son of a landlord, Azai was fed up with the power struggle among people. Even the mad men, who fought for their survival on this island, were better than ugly humans. The elegance of the girl in front of him transcended anything in this world. Fascinated by her beauty, Azai approached slowly, but did not notice his arm was rubbing on the leaves.
        Rustle——the noise of leaves interrupted her song. She turned her face, stared at Azai, and dashed towards him immediately. In the blink of an eye, he was pushed down and could not move. Azai could not believe a fragile-looking girl like her had such a great strength.
        “Blood, I need blood...Give me…” The girl licked her lips while staring at Azai, and got close to his neck. Her teeth pierced through his skin, deep into his flesh. Blood gushed from the wound immediately; the smell of blood, mixing with her scent, was unusually enticing. Mesmerized by it, Azai even forgot the pain on his neck. The girl continued sucking his blood. Then, her snowy hair began to turn into black. Suddenly, Azai felt warm on his neck, so he touched her face.
        “Why are you crying?” “...Because I hate myself for doing this. I’m ugly.”
        “No, you aren’t. You’re beautiful, beautiful than anything in the world.” “Am I…?”
        “Yes, so don’t cry. As long as you stop crying, I’ll do anything for you.” “Why do you…” The girl was exhausted and fainted. Azai flicked her hair, giving her the first smile in his life.
        “I’ve found my “wish”.”

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