Azai and Oichi left the cave to find her brother Nobunaga. They came to the center of the forest on the island and saw a lot of corpses along the road. “Judging from their wounds, they were killed by the same person,” Azai crouched down to check the bodies. “It’s horrible...I have to find my brother quickly.” “Don’t push yourself too hard. We need to reserve our stamina. Otherwise, you can’t help your brother even though you find him.” Oichi nodded. Therefore, they rested under a tree. Suddenly, the leaves rustled; Azai promptly stood in front of Oichi to protect her.
        “ are?” Running out of the forest, Komatsuhime was surprised at meeting Azai. However, she had a sour look on her face when she saw Oichi behind him.
t “Nobunaga’s sister!” “You’re Komatsuhime from Sanada’s family...Did you kill those mad men?” Oichi asked. Komatsuhime responded with an angry stare, “Humph! Why should I answer you!? My husband was ambushed by your brother Nobunaga...It seems we’re destined to meet each other today. It’s time to revenge the murder of my husband!”
        Komatsuhime was beclouded by fury. She had been unable to vent her grudge, until she saw Oichi. Komatsuhime’s pearl necklace resonated with her desire, giving out a dazzling light. It had turned into a magic staff, and the stones around her began to float in the air.
        “I feel it...A power keeps coming out...Right, I need to kill her!” Komatsuhime was driven by an inexplicable impulse. She swung her staff and casted dark spheres over them; Azai dodged away with Oichi in no time, and the ground was burnt into black color. Azai held Oichi tight when he noticed she was frightened, and glared at Komatsuhime with hostility.
        “I’ll risk my life to protect her!” Azai screamed in his heart, gushing emotions that he had never had before. At this moment, his pocket watch glittered. As the light faded, a scythe was conjured right in front of him. Attracted by its flawlessness, Azai held it and could feel a tremendous power flowing into his body.
        “Be careful!” Oichi shouted. However, the dark sphere was approaching him. Azai raised his scythe to parry it, stirring up a cloud of dust. The surroundings had become misty immediately.
        “I’ve revenged your death, husband!” Komatsuhime got carried away and did not pay attention to the environment. Suddenly, she was crushed by something in the back; she let go of the staff due to the pain and fell down. At this moment, the scythe was only an inch away from her face.
        “You dared to hurt her! I won’t forgive you!” Azai stomped on Komatsuhime with an angry stare, filling with bloodlust.
t “Azai, we…” “Cut the crap! Kill me!” Komatsuhime refused Oichi’s pity. Then, Oichi turned her face away sadly. As Azai was going to swing his scythe, a young man covered Komatsuhime with his body in time. The scythe thrust into his back.
t “Yukimura!” “Are you okay?” Yukimura asked as he hugged Komatsuhime tight. Looking at his pale face, Komatsuhime wept with sorrow. Azai pulled out the blood-spattered scythe; Yukimura endured the severe pain and escaped to the forest with Komatsuhime right away. When Azai was going to chase them, a gust of hot wind came from the forest. The fire was engulfing the land——

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