It all began with a seed-like black dot. The dot gradually proliferated into lines, criss-crossing each other, eventually into planes. They started building layers and evolved into a completely still sphere. After a livelong waiting, signs of weak pulse appeared on the glossy surface. Then it grew stronger and stronger enough to distort the entire sphere until the shape could not hold——
        An incomprehensible sound wave echoed within the sphere, which resided an endless power, and was followed by a violent vibration. It was like a newborn’s wail, destructive yet vital. The power was not only transformed into the sound wave, but invasive darkness that engulfed the entire space. The sphere, catalyzed by the strange energy, began to have a metamorphosis.
        Next second, the sphere was crushed into dust by a strong force within. Shockwave carried the energy to spill out and scatter. There was nothing left but a formless slime, who was the very first form of Azathoth.
        “Roarrrr——!” Azathoth roared continuously. Its howls blown the dust particles that contained power further across the void, which had became the foundation of boundless space to nurture organic life.
        “It’s hurting me...who’s inside my body...I’m gonna rip you off! Crush you! No one can behave impudently inside me!”
        Azathoth, driven by a strong desire of destruction, reached out tentacles grabbing the two sides of its body and tore hard. A slime was spewed out. In contrast to Azathoth which was veiled in darkness, the slime Daoloth was pure white shrouded in gentle glow. It traveled to the far-off side of the universe, accepting the fate very opposite of Azathoth——creation.
        To Azathoth just awakened from a long sleep, the two destructions were too much for it. Azathoth was still a bud. Therefore, it returned to a deep slumber.
        Azathoth could not suppress its omnipotence even in deep sleep. Its breath transcended all existing dimensions, forming a new dimension of Ghroth—— the dimension known as “dream” in the future. When everything in the universe fell into a deep sleep, they swam inside Ghroth, connecting to its consciousness.
        Ghroth was not meant to be known by the creatures of the universe, but its continuous gaze at Azathoth had produced some kind of special affection and desire——Ghroth fancied Azathoth. In order to stay with Azathoth, Ghroth had endured the tremendous pain to condense into an entity.
        The sleeping Azathoth was unaware of all these things, sucking the milk of dreams like a starving infant. Meanwhile, thanks to Daoloth, the barren universe started thriving as time went by.
        It appeared that their existence or the long slumber had woken Azathoth’s consciousness who filled by the lust of desire
        It wriggled its slime-like torso; Next second, the body elongated and generated four limbs, and eventually evolved into a creature with the shape named “dragon” by mortals later on.
        Azathoth opened its mouth covered with fangs——
        After a long howl, Azathoth released all the energy accumulated within, smiting meteorites floating around into nothing. In a fraction of time, the space was brought into emptiness.
        “Not enough...not damn enough! These are not what I wanna destroy…”
        As Azathoth was about to be driven mad by the desire of destruction eroding within, it must find a way to fill the void within, the void named “destruction”.
        When it breathed out, Ghroth was dragged to the front of Azathoth immediately. Ghroth opened its countless eyes; each delivered a type of emotion: hope, anger, joy, sorrow and etc, for a large amount of consciousness in the dream dimension tolerating by Ghroth.
        “Azathoth...hehe, finally you woke up…”
        “This damn universe, I need to destroy it!” It was the kind of urge that even Azathoth could not explain; It was rooted in the depth of soul; It was so instinctive like the purpose of living.

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