Back when they were in demonium, Azazel had been one of the bodyguards to the Demons’ royal family. He vowed his loyalty to them, and was proud of himself. Later, he was chosen as a “Pioneer” by Baal, the leader of Demons. Azazel felt he was responsible for saving his brethren, so he promised in his heart that he would commit himself to Belial.

        After arriving at the realm of Humans, Azazel stayed by Belial’s side on his journey, ensuring his safety. Once, Belial heard about a place called Holylight City; all Humans in the City worshipped Gods. He decided to travel there to observe. His plan to visit alone was halted by his lover, Samael. To ease her worries, Belial could only let Azazel accompany him.

        To avoid troubles, Belial and Azazel proceeded wearing a cape. At the same time, they also endeavored to suppress their power to hide their true identity. Belial always assigned missions of exploration and elimination to his servants like Abadon, while he himself seldom left the Demons’ dominion in the realm. However, he learned much in this journey, prompting his overwhelming desire to possess the realm. But it was also because his knowledge about the realm was superficial, a lot of dangerous episodes happened during this journey...

        “Venerable Belial, please be careful. Wet floor could be slippery.”

        “Venerable Belial, please do not touch these flowers. They might be poisonous.”

        “Venerable Belial, please beware of your wordings and actions. Werewolves are prideful creatures. Enraging them might cause us troubles.”

        Azazel’s numerous advice had first been responded by Belial’s polite gratitude. But Belial later grew tired of Azazel, and gradually became cold towards this bodyguard.

        Their journey had taken the two to the entrance of Holylight City. Having keen anticipation, Belial excitedly walked to the gates, yet he was stopped by Azazel...Belial attempted to proceed again, but Azazel conjured water to block his way. No matter how many times Belial destroyed the water wall, Azazel would just resummon it.

        “Venerable Belial, I believe we should observe more before we enter the City. After all...”

        “Is there anything you do not reprove? Do I need your permission on everything?” Belial could not bear him anymore, and admonished Azazel. His demonic power exuded without himself realizing it, prompting the ground around them to crack and sag. Alarmed by Belial’s power, Azazel panickedly apologized: “Pardon me, Venerable Belial. I had no intention to alter your every decision. Please forgive me.”

        “Be gone!”


        Azazel obeyed Belial’s order and left, his figure gradually faded in darkness. Belial then held down his power, and silently peered at the direction where Azazel had left, whereas unnoticed danger was approaching Belial from the forest...

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