Before everything happened, no one had spotted anything unusual. The ascetics were only told that the Holy Temple would sent a representative to examine Baihu’s power. They stayed at the front hall to prepare for this and left only the Hermit of Luminous Virtue and the tiger in the practice field. At the moment when Baihu stared at something in the mid air, a blazing lion was standing on top of the tower. The two beasts showed strong animosity towards each other and they howled at the same time. The hermit, who had been sitting in meditation, opened his eyes and witnessed the lion leaping off the tower and breaking the concrete ground as it landed and pounced on the tiger. Baihu evaded it and struck back with its sharp claws. The hermit held his broadswords and calmly awaited the moment to strike. He preferred not to intervene the battle of the two beasts boldly. However, moments after, the tiger was covered with gaping wounds, but the golem driven by Runestones feared no damages. Because of the wounds, the tiger was losing its strength and having the lower hand gradually. Noticing the situation , the hermit swung his weapons and joined the battle.

        Most of the tiger’s deadly slashes were evaded by the lion, and Baihu only managed to leave a few scratches on its rear legs. The lion jumped to the back of Baihu, and bit the tiger deeply. In order to save Baihu, the hermit struck the scratches with his twin blades and chopped off the golem’s rear leg with all his might, so that it fell on the ground as it landed. Roaring, the bleeding Baihu charged the golem lying on the floor, ignoring the wounds on its body. In the chaotic fight, the hermit blocked the lion’s attack with his own body, allowing Baihu to deliver the blow of victory...

        When the ascetics arrived at the ruined practiced field, they could only see a dying tiger, and the heavily wounded hermit who was still tearing the lion’s body...

         ‘The seven orifices of Xian allow the free flow of power and the inflow and outflow of their pneuma followed the law of nature; mortals refine their power by opening their orifices forcibly, so they are engulfed and killed by the chaos of energy.’ During the war between Gods and Demons, the Gods travelled through the realm of humans and formed numerous ties with many creatures. In the past, Baihu fought alongside the Gods, and its godly power was taken back when they left. Ascetics in Holylight City took care of the beast since then in hope that the beast could regain its power under the nurture of the sacred light.

        However, the guards of Holylight City discovered a shortcoming that Baihu would bring about: the strong pneuma of the light element opened channels for the flow of energy in its body, but it also interfered the flow of Baihu’s own power, so that his power was solely driven by its emotions. The guards did not trust the ascetics. Under the veil of a test, the guards sent a golem to kill Baihu. After a chaotic battle, Baihu and the Hermit of Luminous Virtue finally defeated the lion, but they were both severely wounded. The hermit took out the golem’s core, trying to replenish Baihu’s power with that of Runestones. At the same time, he used his own power to fused his body with that of Baihu - Baihu’s life was saved. Since then, the Holy Temple recognized “their” strength, and bestowed on them the power to lead all beats that belonged to the temple. They were granted the title of “the Beast Ruler” and praised by the ascetics as one of the “Five Venerated Wardens”.

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