In the war fought between Gods and Demons in the past, upon the request of Odin, Thor created a mythological beast, Baihu, with the power of elements to aid in battles. The beast’s claws were as sharp as blades and its movements as quick as lightning. With its help, the army won battles again and again. Even though the god of lightning later took back its power, the tiger was still praised by the soldiers for its achievements and escorted to Holylight City to be worshipped by people as a sacred beast. There, Baihu was taken care by the ascetics. It stayed outside of the smithy of the army and hid inside hot armors sometimes. When imprudent soldiers picked up their armors, the annoyed tiger would pounce on them. The chief treated this as a training for his soldiers. The tiger’s animality had been ignored by people until the moment it regained its power from the nourishing of holy light and became strong and dangerous.

         In fear of the tiger’s savagery, people exiled it from the city. The tiger strayed and this only made it more ferocious. It was spotted by the mentor of the Hermit of Luminous Virtue while he was practising alone outside the city. The mentor had no heart to see the tiger’s sufferings. Therefore, he volunteered with his apprentice to tame the strong beast. The ascetics and Baihu fought alongside the army on the battlefield, where the tiger exhausted its brutality on enemies and adapted to the life in the realm of human under the ascetics’ control. At first, the tiger cared nothing but only itself and it showed no respect to men. However, people began to lure the tiger with the power of the sacred light. The tiger, attracted by the prey left by the ascetics, slowly felt into the trap. After the efforts the ascetics of a few generations, Baihu finally recognized people as its ally. It supervised soldiers in the sacred city with the ascetics and they fended off the evil together. People called them “the Sage of the West”, as one of the “Four Sages”.

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