17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 6

        On the training field of the Heavenly Kingdom, two men were dueling with each other. The more athletic youth Dongwanggong took a leap to slash at the enemy with tremendous strength; his opponent was overwhelmed and fell. The victory led to a round of applause given by surrounding Xians, further elevating the cheerful atmosphere.

        “Who’s next?” Dongwanggong, covered in sweat, looked around raising a wooden sword. His pumping-fast heart made him feel the blood burning inside, revealing his lust for more power.

        “Come on! I need more opponents to enjoy the pleasure that can only be felt in battles!”

        “I’ll join you!” A Xian walked out of the crowd; Dongwanggong then grabbed the sword tight, but someone pressed his hand suddenly——Xiwangmu, a lady in an exquisite apparel.

        “Did you forget what I said?” Xiwangmu frowned elegantly, “no more private duels with other Xians.”

        “...You don’t let me battle. And you don’t let me slay the evils outside! Then what is the point of daily practice!?” Dongwanggong shook her hand off in a bad mood. “I want to fight!”

        “...Then fight against me.” Xiwangmu pointed her sword at him. “If you win, I’ll listen to you.”

        “Bring it on!” Dongwanggong was satisfied.

        At last, he lost. But this did not make him give up. He was working even harder instead. Nothing could stop Dongwanggong’s persistence and passion for growing stronger. Hence, when he heard that the trial of Xingtian, a senior fellow of Xiwangmu, would be held soon, he rushed into her bedroom for his sitting in request.

        Nevertheless, the trial had let him down. That Xian, honoured as the strongest in the Heavenly Kingdom, had no intention to fight back, just waiting for the judgment. When Dongwanggong was bored and about to leave, a crimson and an azure heavenly beast descended from the sky, cracking the hall’s dome open. Until then, his blood began to burn again.

        “This is my chance to test my strength!” When everyone was in dread of the heavenly beasts, Dongwanggong was the only one facing up with his weapon, in an attempt to stop them from rescuing Xingtian.

        “That’s what I’ve been preparing for! Today you’ll fall!”

        Letting out a shout, Dongwanggong sprinted, leapt into the air and curled his body to strengthen the power. When he was about to attack, the azure heavenly beast puffed out its cheek to breathe a cloud of mist.

        The mist was a barrier to disturb Dongwanggong’s attack. Luckily, he protected his vital parts while landing and balanced himself.

        “Their target is Xingtian. Find him and I’ll gain the upper hand!” Dongwanggong searched through the mist.

        “There he is!”

        Soon, he found Xingtian lying on the ground nearby. When Dongwanggong took a step further, he was immediately scratched to bleed from the ambush above.

        “It must be that crimson beast!”

        The enemy blended in well with the mist, which made Dongwanggong unable to strike back. Worse still, the enemy was traveling across the mist fast to attack him from the other side.

        “Tut, you cunning one! Stop your sneaky trick from the mist!” The injured Dongwanggong gritted his teeth. “I won’t lose!”

        Closing his eyes, Dongwanggong calmed his breath and heartbeat in order to maximize his senses. When the enemy started moving again, his body acted faster than mind to wield his sword——

        “Roar——!” The beast let out a scream of pain.

        “Gotcha!” Dongwanggong wore a victorious smile. Then he injected more power into the sword and blasted the beast away.

        As the threat was eliminated, he ran to Xingtian. Before Dongwanggong could reach him by his hands, a chill ran down his spine suddenly. That feeling was an instinct of sophisticated warriors——awareness of danger.

        Thanks to this sensitive feeling, he had survived many, many dangers. Spontaneously, he trusted his own awareness to twist his body! A blade stabbed into his right arm from the top down——which was supposed to stab into his chest.

        The attack was not caused by the two heavenly beasts, but a red-haired boy. The first attack was a miss, so he used another weapon to strike at once——

        “Damn it! I can’t dodge it…” The injured Dongwanggong could do nothing but watch the incoming blade helplessly. In the nick of time, someone stopped it——Xiwangmu grabbed the blade bare-handed; its sharpness cut her skin to bleed.

        “I told you not to act recklessly so many times, didn’t I?” She scolded and remained resolute even with the injury.

        “Your hand…”

        “Never mind.” Xiwangmu released Xian energy to blast the body away.

        At this moment, the mist was dispersed by Pangu’s arts, which had turned the tables promptly.

        “Go!” The boy aborted the fight as he knew the situation was changed. Then, he signalled the crimson beast Bi Fang to carry Xingtian and escaped. Pangu and the other Xians, seeing them leaving, acted fast to catch up.

        “I, I need to chase them…” Dongwanggong wanted to go, but Xiwangmu touched his wound; and the unbearable pain made him kneel down.

        “Are you gonna get yourself killed,” she glared at him.

        Dongwanggong stopped refuting when he looked at her blood-dripping hand. Then his eyes shifted to the direction of that escaping boy. He had never been so determined before.

        “I’ll be stronger. Next time we meet, I’ll defeat you!”

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