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        “Humans never cherished anything! Their selfishness has inflicted terrible damage on the realm!

        “We’ve been through a lot to get to this place. I won’t give up that easily!”

        “Then what are you planning to do? This realm is too chaotic to stay in!”

        The Gods traveled from somewhere far away, and only after a long journey did they discover the realm of Humans. The realm was originally lively, so all the Gods treated it as their ideal home. However, wars never ceased in the realm. It abounded with ruination and destruction, and the Gods had no way to stop it. Therefore, they had to choose between leaving the realm in pain, or continue staying to search for a solution. The Gods split into two groups, arguing with each other because of their different points of view.

        Giemsa was responsible for guarding the passageway between the realm of Humans and heaven; she almost paid no attention to the Gods’ disputes. However, even she had never seen such heated quarrels among the Gods, so she assigned elves to temporarily guard the gate while she herself went to the hall. Just as Giemsa was contemplating the topic of their argument, a boom sounded from the throne. All the Gods in the hall immediately hushed and looked toward Zeus.

        “You’re having all this commotion over this tiny issue? Ridiculous!” Zeus said while walking toward the other Gods.

         With a smile, Zeus looked down at the realm of Humans: “This realm is comprised of elemental power. If we can find a way to extract the power, then perhaps we can create our own utopian ‘Olympia’.”

        “What?!” Giemsa could not believe what she had just heard.

        “Zeus, do you know what you are doing?” Giemsa questioned Zeus.

        “Humph! Of course I know what I am doing!” Ignoring Giemsa, Zeus continued: “Only after this can we truly finish our endless journey!”

        “He’s right! We’re tired of journeying all the time!”

        “It was difficult for us to come this far...I’m not going to give up on this place that easily!

        All the Gods supported Zeus’s idea. They were excited to see Zeus come up with a solution to their problem of abode, while Giemsa was the only one standing in silence. She knew that Zeus’ plan would surely upset the balance of the realms and order would be lost, causing unimaginable effects to all. However, she alone had no way of stopping Zeus and the Gods...While she pondered over a feasible way to act, Zeus walked to face her: “So, are you against us? Or are you still willing to guard the gate for us?”

        Giemsa knew that if Zeus assigned the gatekeeper, the situation would be more hectic than it already was, so she pretended to agree with him: “I shall continue to carry out my role and let none come in our way.” Upon hearing this, Zeus smiled in content and gestured her to return to the border between heaven and the realm of Humans.

        She altered the relationships between elements to test Summoners’ strength and determination, the two keys Giemsa deemed essential in defeating the powerful Gods. Determined to sabotage Zeus’ scheme, Giemsa personally confronted Summoners to choose the ones capable...