Few decently-dressed men rushed their way to a grand palace until they arrived at a bedroom. The room was filled with some kind of aromatic smoke, causing drowsiness to those visitors as they breathed in.

        The leading old man took a bow in front of a veil of white curtain in the room. “My lord, it’s noon already. The southern area is now in the state of emergency for the flood happened two days ago. Please start a meeting as soon as possible. All the officials are waiting in the grand hall.”

        After a moment of silence, a naked man behind the gauze curtain sat straight on his bed. “Be right here. Let me get dressed——”said the man, pressing on his forehead.

        A lady, putting on only lingeries, hugged the man from behind and cut in. “Don’t go, my lord. You promise me to spend the whole day with me,” said the lady in an alluring tone.

        “Aw, my lovely dear is gonna be lonely then,” the emperor said while hugging back Bao Si’s bootylicious body. He reached inside her clothes to caress her silky-smooth skin.

        With her gaze full of lust, Bao Si moaned with pleasure. Ignoring the officials standing behind the curtain, she climbed on the emperor and started kissing fiercely. Both of them then began their sensation journey regardless of everyone watching.

        The intertwined figures of the emperor and Bao Si were projected on the gauze, with the erotic sound playing like a symphony. The officials at the scene were all embarassed to the core. Yet they had to withstand the awkwardness, for no one could leave without the emperor’s permission.

        When the erotic moment finally came to an end, a seductive figure came down to the officials. “Your majesty is too busy for the meeting today. Off you go,” Bao Si said, flicking her hair gently.

        “But the rescue——”

        “It’s just hundreds of casualties. What’s the big deal? You can’t afford to provoke the emperor unless you’re asking for death.”

        All the officials were offended by Bao Si, but none dared to speak up. They could do nothing but left, and Bao Si witnessed their dismissal like a winner. Returning to the bedroom, she glanced at the asleep emperor disdainfully.

        Bao Si tiptoed to the nightstand to take out a palm-sized plush toy——a stuffed fox with nine tails. The old stains on which revealed the affection of its owner, for the toy looked worn by a long period of time.

        “My sister, just give me a little more time. I’m gonna take over this country very soon, just like you did,” Bao Si gently whispered to the toy.

        Ever since then, the emperor had been addicted to Bao Si’s seduction, ignoring everything other than her. Time passed. The officials started feeling resentful about the slacking emperor. Meanwhile, Bao Si initiated the next step of her scheme——To suggest the emperor visiting the southern area.

        The emperor spoiled Bao Si with absolute obedience. Therefore, he started preparing right afterward. Two days later, the emperor headed to the south along with a troop of soldiers, but he didn’t know that it was actually a journey to death.

        While they were passing through a deserted place, they got ambushed by a group of assassins.


        While the soldiers were caught up at the fight with the enemies, the shivering Bao Si gripped the emperor at his sleeves. Moved by her fragileness, the emperor held her into his arms.

        “Honey don’t be scared. I’ll protect——Ah!” A sharp pain interrupted the emperor’s words. Looking down, he found himself stabbed in the abdomen by Bao Si; Meanwhile, Bao Si leant close to him and whispered, “be my puppet, you disgusting man.”

        “You...You b——Ah!” Realizing her vicious intention, the furious emperor glared at Bao Si; Yet his anger didn’t go any further as he fainted very soon.

        After a fierce fight, the soldiers hardly managed to defeat the assassins; Bao Si brought the emperor back to the palace, but he went into a deep coma due to the severe injury. As Bao Si’s scheme went perfectly smooth, she framed the assassination to those officials who were against her. Next step, she appointed her men as the important posts, successfully stealing the throne into her hand…

        “I did it, sister. I’m well qualified to meet you,” she raised the fox puppet with a smile.

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