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        Trapped in the abyss, Loki had always suffered from his loneliness. One day, he came up with the idea to divert himself from the boredom by creating some companions. He created Taotie with a bit of his greed, and Sabbatic Goat with his own abomination. As the goat was just a replica of Loki’s mind, although it possessed its own thoughts, it did not have any knowledge. Sabbatic Goat knew nothing. However, it could not help but follow Loki as it sensed itself inside him. At the very beginning, Loki only talked to Taotie, but as days passed, Sabbatic Goat has learnt a few dialogues from Loki. Loki found the goat interesting because of this, so he started to share his knowledge with it.

        Sabbatic Goat gained various knowledge of different fields from Loki, but it was still far from satisfied - it wanted to know more. So, the goat asked Loki: “My Lord, how could be more knowledgeable?” Sitting in front of the goat, Loki chuckled. It seemed that his eyes was penetrating the sky above, and looking at the world outside Dark Cove. He replied lightly: “Only the world outside could satisfy your unlimited desires for knowledge!”

        Since then, the goat had been commuting between the cove and the realm of men. It monitored the activities of Gods for Loki, and observed everything in the realm secretly for its own curiosity. Once, it overheard that the Gods had discovered the existence of Taotie and would soon order Loki to kill it. Sabbatic Goat brought the message back to Dark Cove. As Loki did not have the heart to kill Taotie, he asked the goat to bring Taotie to the realm of men before the Gods reached the cove. When they were about to part, Loki told the goat, “Please bring it to the realm of men. It shall be safe there.” After escorting Taotie to the realm, the goat had not seen Loki again, until an occasion in the distant future...