One after another, scholars in the town had lost their knowledge of the lifetime, including the basic daily living skills. As if they were cursed, they were no different than newborn babies, for they had forgotten how to eat, dress up or open the door. Whenever the darkness fell, people in the town would be extremely terrified as everyone was afraid of being the next target of the demon. Not knowing when it started, a rumor was going about in the neighborhood...

        “Knowledge can no longer be hidden, for the demon in the shape of a goat is here, watching for a chance to seize your knowledge. Its name is Baphomet.”

        The lord of the cove was sitting in silence in the hall, resting his chin on his hand with the eyes closed. He seemed to be lost deep in thought. Just then, not far from him he heard the clattering of goat hooves. When Sabbatic Goat came to him, the lord slightly opened his eyes and evenly asked, “You’re back, huh? Made another trip to the realm of men?”

        Sabbatic Goat gave no reply, and just kept walking quietly to the deepest part of the abyss. At the moment its mind was overwhelmed by endless questions that it could not come up with an answer, sparing no time for other thoughts. Looking at the goat, the lord of cove could only chuckle and say, “For much wisdom brings much vexation! However, all creatures just love to pursue it with every effort...”

        At first, Sabbatic Goat observed happenings in the realm of men from the cove. Little by little it could not be satisfied by merely observing. Instead, it was eager to have his own experiences. Therefore, it started to meet with different scholars to learn their theories, listen to their explanations and then wrested every knowledge from them. Yet, increased knowledge did not satisfy its desire. Sabbatic Goat yearned for more and more of it, as he always believed that all its doubts and troubles could only be solved by gaining more knowledge...

        “Ba... phomet...”

        Sabbatic Goat was whispering the name given by people, and then thought about the meaning of this name. It rubbed its hoof across the forehead and sighed, for there was one more thing that puzzled it. To look for the key, Sabbatic Goat held its sickle up again and went to the realm of men, searching for the next scholar who could answer it.

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