The wind broke the arms of the tree, throwing the branches onto Barbara’s head. She cast her eyes around. The Dracospirits of Ethereal Dragons drove back the branches on her orders. Walking in the gale, Barbara chased after the howls of the dragons and kept going forward in the forest.

        ‘They are woods, with their bodies connected to the forest... It is the forest, with its horns as the towering trees...’

        As the elder’s granddaughter, Barbara was born with a gift — she could hear the sound of the wind and some endless howls. When the wizards suggested the ritual of connection with the Dracospirits, she was inevitably the first choice to be connected with them forever. In order to prevent her from being consumed by them, the elder also connected Barbara with the treasure of the clan — the magic ball left by the Witch of Dark Magic. The power of the ancient wood within it protected Barbara, so that she could coexist with the Dracospirits. Attracted by her power, they gathered around her like fish nibbling at bait, becoming her loyal servants.

        The grown-up Barbara gradually understood the hunger of the Dracospirits. She made use of the magic taught by the wizards to extract the elements of Earth to feed the Dracospirits accompanying her. However, the grown-up Dracospirits were not able to survive only on elements. Not having the heart to see them fade away, Barbara assimilated herself into the power of the ancient wood. The artifact of the Witch of Dark Magic transformed itself into a wooden staff with branches coming up from both ends. The Dracospirits prolonged their lives by absorbing her soul. Barbara knew that they could only live by the side of the Squally Ethereal Dragon. When the Dragon Follower came to find the wizards raised a disturbance, Barbara left the wizards with the help of her companions. In order to find a home for her Dracospirits of wind, she began a journey to seek for the Immortal Howler.

        “They’re protecting me for sure, so I’m somehow forced to find the way for them to live.” — Barbara the Dragon Maiden

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