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        Kneeling down in front of Tefnut’s statue, Basti prayed in a whisper. She was asking her ancestor to bring good rainfall, so as to moisten the farmland suffering from a prolonged drought. Since the time that the tribe was cursed by that God, no rain had been falling for about three months. Everyone in the tribe was at the end of their ropes, so they sought help from Basti, the descendant of the God.

        “Basti, please, or else the tribe will crumble...”

        “Chief, I know everyone’s difficulty. but I still can’t hear any response from my ancestor...”

        “Basti, don’t blame yourself. Please keep on consulting Tefnut, while we’ll try other ways.”

        “Chief, I’ll try my best!”

        Basti went back to the temple. Again, she knelt down in front of the God’s statue and kept uttering the prayer. Suddenly, the statue emitted a beam of blue light, with a solemn voice speaking.

        “My children! Sorry for my incompetence that makes you suffer.”

        “My ancestor, please don’t blame yourself. It’s the weakness of our own that brings us such misfortune...”

        “No, it is not your fault. It is my inability to convince Shu to trust anymore... You shouldn’t suffer like this.”

        “My ancestor...”

        The God’s statue interrupted Basti again.

        “I shall make it up to you.”

        After that, the statue returned to silent again. Basti looked up and saw an inverted square pyramid, with a line of small words carved on it. “This is the compensation I give you. Use it properly!” Stepping forward, Basti held the pyramid in her arms, and bowed to the statue to express her gratitude. She then ran outside with the pyramid in her arms. The people leaving the temple looked at her puzzledly. She put the pyramid on the ground, folded her hands, and prayed. The pyramid shot upward to the sky with a beam of light. In a moment, the sky, which had been clear and sunny, was filled with black clouds. Heavy rain kept pouring down and everyone cheered. Looking at the pyramid, Basti raised her head and said gently, “thank you, my ancestor!”

        “Pray to the God who answers your prayers.” - Basti the Solar Deity