Attribute relation applies to attacks from the enemy
Each team member that is of the weakness attribute of the enemy, will increases the enemies' attack with 40% to the max +200%
Battle of the Aesir
Name Attribute Stamina Rounds Exp
The Failed Ambush AllAtt 15 5 1125
Thor’s Strength SI019 15 2 1125
Traces of Mjolnir SI017SI019 25 5 2500
Void of the Realm StagesAge of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Special Stages

First time clearance is rewarded with Diamond x1

The Failed Ambush

Stamina 15 Battle 5 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
1006i Water Demon


2 432,862 580
1008i Zombie


3 417,329 960
1010i Ghoul


1 466,574 440
1012i Mummy


2 720
3 1411i Vicious Killing Fish


1(1) 100 10 No SI251SI160SI161 Phantom ‧ First Strike ‧ Kamikaze - 100%
5 1415i Brutal Skeleton Butcher


1(1) 7,363,280 7560 No SI236SI117 2 Electrified Dark Runes · Dark Combo Trojan & Team Damage -100%

【Enter Battle】
The Summoner had traveled to the past through a tunnel while chasing Fenrir and ended up in the North. Through complete coincidence, the Summoner met Odin's wife Frigg and won Odin's trust.
Knowing the demons were attacking the Vanir and Aesir, the Summoner and Odin led their army to rescue their allies in danger.
On their way to the battlefield, Odin revealed an astonishing truth to the Summoner - the tribes in the north had not agreed to a union, even after the invasion from the demons had begun!
No tribe could see beyond its own interest, giving the demons openings to take advantage of.
It was a mercy the two largest tribes stood untouched; the demons had not gained an upper hand yet. The North barely remained.
Void Summoner Head : 'By this point, the North should've formed a union...'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Loki and I understand the importance of unity against the demon army, but as long as the two strongest tribes of the north stay divided, the rest won't consider a union.
Void Summoner Head : Freyr's Vanir and Thor's Aesir...
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Yes. Their long-standing family feud dates back to ancient times. It's hard to resolve their differences. We wrote letters to Freyr. He hadn't replied, but we won't give up!

【Enter Wave 3】
Odin led his army to an open greenfield next to a lake. The general stepped up to Odin to ask for permission to rest. Odin frowned as he drew his sword to gather elemental power. Dark mist wrapped his blade.
Odin't soldiers thought he was going to execute the general, but he turned around and cast his sword at the smooth lake.
Water splashed into the air as demons' screaming resounded through the field. They had been hiding underwater, waiting to launch a raid on Odin's army.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Nice try, but your demon odor stinks!

【Meet BOSS】
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: How did you all discover our marching route? Be honest and I'll have mercy on you.
1415iBrutal Skeleton Butcher: Humph, filthy human. You aren't getting anything out of me!

【Defeated BOSS】
Odin's army spotted every raid beforehand thanks to his keen sense, and they marched into the Aesir's territory safely. The situation was not looking good. Aesrian soldiers' corpses covered the ground.
The demons were knocking down the gate. There was only one Aesrian troop left defending the gate. It was led by the bloodstained Thor.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'Everyone fights, nobody quits. That's how Thor led his soldiers. Rejoice, I'm here to help!'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: On my command! Charge!
Under Odin's sonorous roar, the army thrust at the demons at the speed of light. A pitched battle was about the unfold.

Thor’s Strength

Stamina 15 Battle 2 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
1 837i Guard of Lightshield


3(2) 2,864,820 2490 No SI103 5+ Combo Shield
837i Guard of Lightshield


3(4) 2,864,820 2490 No SI103 5+ Combo Shield
837i Guard of Lightshield


3(3) 2,864,820 2490 No SI103 5+ Combo Shield
2 Waveskill: Ws1010 4 Electrified Runes
2 509i Thor of Fulmination


1(1) 400,000 7650 No SI161 Kamikaze 20%

【Enter Battle】
Odin's army turned the tables. The demons did not expect reinforcements from the North. They panicked and turned to a mess. It became slaughter with Odin's army as the butchers.
However, the demon lieutenant was not to be taken lightly. He gathered the surviving soldiers to organize an orderly withdrawal and retreated to a grassfield two miles away from the battlefield.
Odin hated demons to the bone, but he still prioritized the Aesir's safety instead of pursuing the demons further. Odin and the Summoner came to the patriarch's house to visit Thor.
The medic had finished treating him. He was playing wooden sword in the tent.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: You look energized. I thought you'd be dying in bed.
509iThor of Fulmination: Odin, you saved us, but that doesn't mean you can spout gibberish.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I was just trying to relieve the tension with some humorous input, my friend.
509iThor of Fulmination: ...Hahaha! Odin, you just can't get nervous even against millions of enemies. I'm no match. Aesir would've become a colonial without you, all because of my incapability...
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: That's wrong! You're braver than any of the Aesirians. Your people witnessed how you protected them. They know more than I do that Thor is definitely a man of bravery.
509iThor of Fulmination: Thank you...but Odin, who is this transparent guy?
Void Summoner Head : uh, I'm here to help. I'm on your side!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Thor, relax. Summoner is my brother. He might be transparent, but his power is incredible. He'll be a great force in our war against the demons.
509iThor of Fulmination: Well, I hardly hear Odin praise anyone. Appease my curiosity. Show me what you've got.

【Meet BOSS】
Void Summoner Head : You're wounded. Don't push yourself too hard.
509iThor of Fulmination: Humph, are you worrying about me? Don't take me lightly. Come at me!

【Defeated BOSS】
509iThor of Fulmination: You defeated me convincingly. Kudos to you.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Oh, stop it. You're more than that. If only you had Mjolnir - the god hammer, you'd be, triply stronger! By the way, I haven't seen you fighting with Mjolnir lately. What happened to it?
509iThor of Fulmination: You noticed. The loss of my hammer was what made us lose to the demons.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Loss? What happened?
509iThor of Fulmination: I have no idea... Hey, you alright? You body is becoming even more transparent!
Void Summoner Head : Huh? You're right!
Void Summoner Head: 'What's happening? Am I fading away?'

Traces of Mjolnir

Stamina 25 Battle 5 Exp 2500 (100 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
079i Blazing Lizard Warrior


4 941,588 2190
083i Golden Lizard Warrior


4 976,584 2130
1532i Flamy Marymount


1 468,925 3160
1534i Sheeny Antonia


1 490,322 3540
5 454i Gnome Bonecrusher


3(3) 6,358,920 5780 No SI221 8 Weathered Runes
452i Gnome Decapitator


1(1) 6,293,460 5690 No SI123SI121SI188 Neutralize EX ‧ Trojan Attack

【Enter Battle】
Odin brought the Summoner to visit Thor, who challenged the Summoner to a fight and recognized his abilities.
As Thor told Odin that the god hammer was lost, the Summoner's body became more transparent than ever. At that moment, a soldier broke into the room nervously.
Demon spirit Soldier: Master Thor! Emergency news! The demons have broken through our new fortification line!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Impossible! I've placed heavy forces to defend it. No way it could fall this fast!
509iThor of Fulmination: Humph!. The demons must've used some kind of dirty trick! Filthy demons, I can't let these abominations set foot on my land! I'm going to kill them all!
Void Summoner Head : But your wounds...
509iThor of Fulmination: They're nothing. Worry about yourself. Just stay here and rest well. It's a fight of our kind. I don't intend to drag anyone else in.
Void Summoner Head : I'm fine. Accepting help isn't shameful as long as it brings safety to your lived ones. Strength isn't all about toughness.
509iThor of Fulmination: You... Hahaha! No wonder Odin treats you like his brother. You talk just like him! Loved ones... Right, I should priorities the safety of my people. In the name of the Aesirian family, I ask for your help sincerely!

【Meet BOSS】
454iGnome Bonecrusher: You want to get through here?
452iGnome Decapitator: Defeat us, the Gnome Brothers, and we'll talk!

【Defeated BOSS】
Odin, Thor and the Summoner tore through demons on their way to the frontline, there they saw burnt bodies struck by lightning. It gave them a bad feeling.
Their bad feeling turned out to be true. Dark clouds appeared in the sky and shrouded the battlefield. Golden lighting bolts sparked in the clouds and grew larger.
Boom! Thunder struck the earth as it drew a bridge of light connecting the sky and the ground. Dozens of Odin's soldiers vanished into thin air.
509iThor of Fulmination: That's from my god hammer! The demons stole it!
Void Summoner Head : Huh? I thought nobody except you could manipulate it?
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: The demons must've bypassed it with black magic.
Void Summoner Head : That's bad. The god hammer is dangerous in the wrong hands. Our soldiers are no match for it. Let's get moving!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Going there won't solve the root of the problem... Humph! They stole it; so we simply take it back!

VRAchievement Complete Traces of Mjolnir 1 times

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