Prince William fell for the emperor’s trap. With the evidence from the swallow, he had no escape.

        “Hmph. Why do you think the last emperor was driven to his death?” Finishing his words, he broke loose from the guards. The prince flung down and shattered a ring in his hand. “The reason was this dark vessel! Once I break its seal, darkness will forever cloud this empire and all each of you can do is await your death in darkness!” Turning to the skies, Prince William started laughing in anticipation of the shadow falling over the empire. However, even after a long time, the sky was still clear.

        “How could this be? It isn’t supposed to end this way!” The guard once again captured the jabbering Prince William. The emperor started over with his speech on governing the state to a better future. Witnessing this picture, Edward smiled from his heart for the first time since the demise of his father.

        That night, the swallow flew here again.

        “Please show me your hand.”

        “There is no deceiving you, is there?” Edward opened his left hand. A purple trace resided deep within his skin and diverged up his arm from the ring on his index finger. Nevertheless, Edward still presented his elegant smile.

        This morning, Prince William’s ring did not lose its function; its power was drained by Edward’s ring.

        On the day when the swallow gave him the ring, he already knew of the curse on it. Only this ring was capable of absorbing the power of Prince William’s ring. The price of using the ring was to be corroded by its power every day. However, the swallow had never thought that Edward would wear it by himself.

        “It has reached a point of no return. Now, you can see nothing but darkness, right?” The swallow raised its head and looked at Edward worriedly: “...If you feel, crying would be fine!”

        Edward shook his head, remaining his smile: “It is a habit. I cannot change it.”

        “This curse can grant you a power that rival Gods’, but it would gradually consume your body at the same time...”

        “I know. But if I can keep the sun rising every day for the people, how is my body compared to the entirety of the empire?” Edward touched his ring gently: “But...we have to keep this from my brother.”

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