The whole city was celebrating the birth of the princess. The carriage carrying King Uther and the queen paraded through the streets accepting blessings from the people. The king and the queen waved to the crowds with royal guards following the carriage tightly.

        A girl holding a bunch of flower rushed out of the crowd towards the carriage! The guards seized her before she could reach it. ‘Please step back into the crowd.’ ‘Please let me through! I want to gift King Uther flowers in person!’ King Uther opened the curtain and said, ‘Let her through.’ Permitted by the king, the guards released the girl. She joyfully stepped up to King Uther, bowed, and said with a smile, ‘Thank you, King Uther…’ She drew a dagger and thrust at King Uther!

        Everything happened so quickly. It happened too fast for the guards to stop her. The queen screamed in fear, but King Uther remained seated without the slightest movement. As the tip of the dagger was about to reach his throat, a sword flicked it away. A woman wearing red appeared between the girl and King Uther. ‘King Uther, did you get hurt?’ asked Bedivere. ‘No one could hurt me with you protecting me,’ King Uther said and smiled. ‘Get outta my way!’ The girl lost her sense and swung her sword blindly. Bedivere easily dodged every attack. Right at that moment, an arrow launched at her from above. Bedivere drew her other sword and broke the arrow. With her sword on the girl’s neck, she said, ‘Drop your dagger! Who sent you?’ The girl burst into laughter and said, ‘King Uther, enjoy your final days.’ Then she cut her own throat. As her blood splashed on the floor, she fell off the carriage. Bedivere entrusted King Uther to the guards and searched for the archer. When she found the archer, he was lying in a pool of his own blood…

        That night, King Uther and the queen were playing with Arthur in the garden. ‘King Uther, Queen, an assassination happened just hours ago. I don’t think we should stay in open areas,’ said Bedivere in worry. King Uther glanced at her and said with a smile, ‘We’re safe with you.’ ‘But…’ ‘Come here.’ Bedivere stepped up to them. King Uther handed her the baby Arthur. ‘Here, give her a hug.’ Bedivere carefully wrapped Arthur in her arms.’ Arthur giggled the moment Bedivere touched her. Her tiny hand grabbed Bedivere’s hand. An unexplainable warmth grew in Bedivere’s heart. ‘My biggest wish is to live my life with my daughter and watch her grow up.’ King Uther touched Arthur’s face and said, ‘I believe she’ll make the best princess we’ve ever had,’ said Bedivere with confidence.

        Later, King Uther and the queen became infected with an unknown disease, and even the best doctors in the country had no clue how to cure them. ‘Bedivere...Take care of Arthur…’ Bedivere looked at Arthur sleeping in the bed and nodded. King Uther smiled and said, ‘Promise me...Protect Arthur with your life, no matter what...She’s my biggest treasure…’ Bedivere kneeled and said, ‘Don’t worry. You’ll make it through.’ King Uther knew he was close to the end and there was nothing he could do. He had to entrust Arthur to Bedivere…

        It was a stormy night. Bedivere brought Arthur back to her room. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. She opened it and found herself surrounded by Accolon’s soldiers. ‘Accolon wants to see Princess Arthur! Where is she?’ ‘Do you have King Uther’s permission?’ ‘This is an order!’ ‘Understood. Please give me some time.’ Bedivere turned around and held Arthur in her arm. ‘Hand her over,’ prompted one of the soldier. She held Arthur tighter and slowly grabbed the the hilt of her sword and turned around. Sudden, she drew the blade and cut the soldier’s throat!

        She rushed at the other soldiers and blazed a blood path towards the stable. She hopped onto a horse and charged away from the castle. The clattering of hooves came from behind, but she never looked back as she charged at full speed. Bedivere saw hat arrows were descending upon her. She chopped them into pieces and continued charging. Soon, she reached a cliff. With hundreds of soldiers chasing behind, she wrapped Arthur in her arms and jumped into the waterfall…

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