On a cliff stood two individuals: a male was observing the country below, pondering how he could conquer it; a female was leaning on the boy with a satisfied smile, as if nothing else mattered to her other than being with the boy. Just then, a butterfly flew by, causing the girl to finally release the boy’s hand. She drew a circle in the air, then the butterfly flew to her and landed on her hand.

        “Abadon... look... What a beautiful butterfly...” Beelzebub said joyfully as she skipped to Abadon.

        Circling Abadon, she wanted to show him the beautiful butterfly on her hand, yet Abadon just continued staring at the country below and drew a course by igniting the air traced by his finger, “First breach the wall, and then destroy the barracks and arsenals, followed by the gate of the castle...” His mind was occupied by creating a perfect plan to invade the country, which hindered him from noticing Beelzebub’s pouting actions.

        Beelzebub then realized that Abadon did not listen to her, but only thought about how to tackle his enemies. Feeling dull, she looked at the country below in rage.

        “It took away Abadon... Abadon is mine... No one can steal him from Beelzebub...” The thought of her brother being taken away boiled up Beelzebub’s fury, which spread in her heart irrepressibly until she could snatch him back.

        “It’s just an ordinary country, but it’s not as easy to get in as I’ve expected. No wonder they dared to oppose Lord Belial in alliance with other small countries.” After some stretchings, Abadon ignited flames in his hands, and smiled, “Though it’s troublesome, what needs to be done has to be done...”

        Just then, Beelzebub came before Abadon and said with anger, “Leave it to Beelzebub... Beelzebub hates it... Beelzebub wants to destroy it...” Suddenly the sky was shrouded in an enormous dark shadow. If you looked into it closely, you would find that it was actually a sea of insects flying together in a close formation, including the butterfly on her hand just before, and more and more...

        Beelzebub pointed at the country, commanding the sea of insects to fly towards it. Before Abadon could respond, Beelzubub was gone with the insects...

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