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        On the east continent of the realm, there were two nations named Western Empire and Eastern Empire which were constantly in war. In a small wrecked town of the Western Empire, the girl Yu Miaoyu was holding a hardened bun. That was her only food after three days of starvation.

        To get this piece of food, Yu Miaoyi sold her body to the homeless men just like usual. Their roughness caused her pain, but she didn’t cry a single drop of tear. As her lucid eyes gazed at the azure sky, she let her mind drift away from the cruel present, all the way back to the time when her parents were still alive.

        Her mother used to hum a lighthearted melody, and it drew the curiosity of the little Miaoyi.

        “Mom, what are you humming?”

        “It’s the song that brings joy.” Smiling at Miaoyi, her mother continued with a soft voice, “hum it when you’re hurting. It takes the pain away.”

        Miaoyi started humming unconsciously as she was carried away by the good old days——

        “Hum, hum, hum——AHH!”

        Her singing was interrupted by a hard chok at her neck.

        The bulky man scowled at Miaoyi and yelled, “what the hell are you singing! Are you mocking me?”

        “No...Mmm!” When Miaoyi was trying to explain, the man choked harder, squeezing the life out of her.

        “You filthy bitch! Die!”

        A pleased grin appeared on the man’s face when he dominated the life of Miaoyi who was too powerless to resist.

        “...This is a world without conscience. Everyone gives up on their morality for survival. They’d do anything including trampling on the others…”

        The hope in Miaoyi’s eyes faded and she stopped struggling.

        Asphyxiation gradually took Miaoyi’s consciousness away, who felt an unprecedented peace. Before she fell asleep for good——


        Puncturing of flesh and bones sounded, for a blade had penetrated through the man’s chest. Thick blood was splashed on Miaoy’s face.


        The dead man let go of Miaoyi’s neck as he fell aside.

        “Cough——!” Miaoyi was unaware of an approaching presence while she was focusing on catching her breath.

        The shadow of that person shrouded Miaoyi——it was a beautiful woman exuding an intimidating vibe, who was wearing shiny armor with a razor-sharp sword.

        “Are you alright?” The lady crouched down and asked Miaoyi.

        Instead of feeling grateful, Miaoyi was enraged for being saved.

        “Why did you save me?”


        “How much humanity do I have to lose just for survival!” Miaoyi yelled with a hoarse voice, “I’ve had enough! Why don’t you just let me die!”


        The lady was shocked by Miaoyi’s genuine wish. Next second, tears rolled down her cheeks. She pulled the blood-stained Miaoyi into her arms, holding her tightly.

        “I’m sorry...It’s not your fault...Thank you for trying so hard to survive...Thank you…”

        The teary apology opened up Miaoyi’s long-concealed heart. Deeply moved, she buried her head into the lady’s embrace and burst into tears.

        Miaoyi cried for her unwanted filthy life, and this miserable world as well.

        “Come on. Come with me.”

        The lady took Miaoyi’s hand and led her back to the imperial city of the Western Empire.

        The lady was named Haoyue. She was the second princess of the Western Empire and the younger sister of the Queen. Haoyue adopted Miaoyi as her blood sister. Since then, she had been teaching Miaoyi to read, write and fight.

        This day when Haoyue was instructing Miaoyi about horse-riding, someone strided over and hugged Haoyu from behind.


        The worried Miaoyi hopped down the horse right away and drew her sword, but Haoyue signalled her to stop.

        “Sister, behave yourself. If the ministers see this, they are gonna lecture you again,” said Haoyue.

        Turned out it was the Queen of the Western Empire who hugged Haoyue. This was also the first time for Miaoyi to meet the Queen in person.

        “...I’m tired,” the Queen grumbled without letting Haoyue go.

        “Sigh. You’ve got me.”

        After heaving a sigh, Haoyue patted her arm and spoke gently, “just relax and sleep. I’ll protect you.”

        The Queen fell asleep right after Haoyue’s words. Then Haoyue carried her back to the bedroom, and let the Queen sleep on her thighs. Meanwhile, Miaoyi, sitting at the bedside, looked at the Queen curiously.

        “She’s different from your imagination, isn’t she?” Haoyue stroked the Queen’s hair with indulgence written on her face.

        “Unlike the former tough queens, she’s fragile and kind. That’s why she spends all the effort on seeking a way to stop the war.”

        “Stop the war?” Miaoyi was perplexed. “This...This is just wishful thinking.”

        The war between the two nations had been escalating ever since Miaoyi had the knowledge of everything. Ceasing fire was merely a dream when the hatred between the two nations was so deep-seated.

        “Yes, it’s hard to put an end to the war. So many nobles and ministers are against that, and they even try to threaten the Queen’s throne,” said Haoyue as she gazed afar.

        “But if we don’t try, we’ll lose that bit of possibility.”

        “Why? Ceasing fire does you no good at all,” Miaoyi kept asking.

        With a woeful smile, Haoyue tilted Miaoyi’s chin and said, “because I don’t want anymore children affected by the war like you. We want to create a land where they can grow care-free.”

        “I didn’t know that there was such a selfless person in this world until now…”

        At that moment, Miaoyi was profoundly moved by Haoyue’s noble vision.

        “So, Miaoyi, I have one thing to ask you for.”

        “I’ll do anything as long as I can!”

        To Miaoyi, Haoyue was the only lifeline after she had lost everything, and she would do anything for Haoyue even if she wanted her life.

        “If I’m gone, please protect the Queen for me,” said Haoyue as she drifted her gaze to the Queen in slumber.

        Miaoyi nodded hard, “I promise!”

        The promise was realized three years later.

        During these three years, the tension between the two nations were eased with the Queen’s effort. The Queen, believing it was a good timing, sent Haoyue to the Eastern Empire to negotiate for peace. However, Haoyue returned in a coffin.

        The ministers held a grand funeral for her. Before they incinerated Haoyue’s body, the Queen barged in and took the body away. Then she locked herself inside the bedroom with the dead Haoyue for a whole night. The ministers had no choice but to seek help from Miaoyi.

        Arriving at the doorstep, Miaoyi cracked the door with the swordsmanship taught by Haoyue regardless of the ministers’ opposition.

        The dark room was illuminated by the light outside, but it couldn’t disperse the rotten smell in the air. Without a moment of hesitation, Miaoyi walked straight to the bed at the center of the room, where the Queen held Haoyue’s body and remained still.

        Miaoyi’s hand trembled; the hilt of her sword was grabbed deep into her palm. She remembered what Haoyue had told her at the last time they met.

        “When I come back, our wish will come true.”

        And it became Haoyue’s last words.

        The moment Miaoyi received Haoyue’s death, she experienced an unprecedented feeling of pain. It was even more heart-breaking than the time when she lost her family, or being raped. Haoyue used to be the hope of her life; Haoyue was the only good thing that had ever happened to Miaoyi, and fate had taken her away.

        Yet Miaoyi knew very clearly that she must carry on no matter how painful it was to bear, for she had promised Haoyue to protect the Queen.

        “My queen, Haoyue is gone. Please let her rest in peace,” said Miaoyi in a deep voice, trying hard to keep calm.

        “...She promised to stand by me forever…” the Queen mumbled with her sore throat. “How can I...carry on without her…”

        “I will protect you for her. I will do anything and everything.” Miaoyi held the Queen’s hand genuinely.


        The Queen raised her head, revealing a beautiful face twisted by hatred.

        “Wipe out the Eastern Empire with me then.”

        Stunned, Miaoyi’s exquisite face was tinted with a devastating sorrow. She couldn’t blame the Queen, for everyone was a victim in front of the cruel fate.

        The only thing wrong was this ridiculous world.

        However, Miaoyi was unable to break this shackle of fate on her own. To keep her words of protecting this poor, tormented soul here, she had no choice but to sink with the Queen.

        “...Well received, my queen,” Miaoyi responded emotionlessly with one knee on the ground.

        Since then, the war had become intense again as if there was a curse looping over and over…