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        A tall and muscular man was walking down the street alone. As he passed by an alley, he heard a soft woman’s whisper: “Sir, are you alone?” He looked around the corner, spotting a brunette woman in a long green dress.

        The woman had an attractive figure, and the man could not resist the temptation and approached her, saying: “It is so dark. It is dangerous for you to be here alone.” The woman did not answer, and instead, waved at the man to enter the alley. His heart and mind already drawn in, he went without further thought.

        The woman stood in the shadowed corner clutching a bottle of wine in her hand, which she passed to the man. Although hesitant, he gulped down the drink anyways. But as he reached towards the woman, a sudden rush of pain surged from his heart. His hands immediately leaped to his chest as he slowly collapsed onto the ground.

        Since Jackson’s death, Belle seemed to have lost her soul. She closed her restaurant, and never left her home again. Her old customers and neighbors were both left worrying at her action, and therefore, thought of various excuses to come to her home. Yet, Belle never answered the door. One night, smoke and flames arose from Belle’s home. The neighbors broke down the door only to see Belle wearing a wedding gown, kneeling upon a giant cake. She was flanked by humanoid wax figures.

        “Miss Belle! Its dangerous here! You have to escape!”

        Yet, Belle seemed not to hear them. She simply kissed the wax head she held, smiling as she said: “Jackson...we can finally be together, and never be apart...” The house was slowly collapsing under the heat of the fire, forcing the neighbors to leave Belle and run for their lives. As they were escaping, the final scene they saw was one they could never forget.

        Later, people found much shattered and charred human remains in her home. It was only then that Belle’s murders were discovered...

        “The wax figures flanking her...The wax melted from the fire; because of that, we could see that the figures had been made of people! But still, that was not the most disgusting part. It was...” The man who lived beside Belle shuddered before continuing: “The expression in her eye. It was as if she was finally happy, since she could spend the rest of her life with her beloved...”