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        Upon discovering Sam’s indiscretions, Belle could not stop her emotions’ descent into chaos. She loved him, but she hated him — the two opposing emotions battered her heart. She wanted to possess him, but he did not belong to her; the opposing emotions were maddening to Belle. She only wanted him; she must have him. To achieve this aim, Belle designed a perfect trap for Sam.

        That night, Belle prepared dinner after she got home from work, as she usually did. Sam did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

        “Are we celebrating something today? You have prepared great delicacies.”

        “It's nothing really. I just suddenly realized that we never actually celebrated since we lived in together, so...” Belle smiled and placed a cake onto the table.

        “That’s right! This must have taken a lot of effort.”

        “Don’t say that. Come! Eat! Or else it will go cold.”

        With the mountain of delicious food before him, Sam could not stop eating. Doing the opposite, Belle did not take a single bite; she simply sat and watched as Sam devoured the food.
        “Why aren’t you eating? Not hungry?”

        “I like watching you eat. It makes me feel truly in bliss.”

        Before she completed her sentence, pain already started flaring up in Sam — from his throat to his stomach — his entrails felt as if they were liquefying. Deprived of energy, he collapsed onto the floor, clutching his stomach in pain. Darkened blood seeped from his nose and eyes. Gradually, only involuntary twitches remained. And in the end, even that was gone...

        Belle walked to Sam’s side and after ensuring that his heartbeat stopped, she smiled in satisfaction. To ensure that Sam belonged to her forever, Belle had lied to everyone that illness had killed her fiance. Then, she buried Sam in her garden.

        Belle believed that love cannot bring her happiness. Unconditional love does not exist; everything is done for a ulterior motive. To protect herself, Belle killed and dismembered all men who approached her, their butchered parts hidden in a location unbeknownst to all...