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        Inside her laboratory, Agnesi sat in front of a desk. She looked at a design diagram, her head tilted in depression. At the moment, Lisa walked in. Seeing Agnesi’s expression, Lisa asked:

        “Agnesi, what’s wrong?”

        “Nothing. There is just something I cannot figure out.”

        That day, scholars discovered Monstro’s design diagram. Agnesi and Lisa helped Gretchen to build it. Agnesi found that Monstro was quite a design. With her now immortal life, Agnesi had to modify the ruins with the others, while she still wanted to trace the mechanical dragons. Therefore, to achieve her goal, she decided to build a cyborg companion to help...

        “Agnesi, if you really want to study Ancient Dragon Power, I can lend you my Dragon Crystal!” Lisa looked at her friend with a frown.

        “Lisa, you’re a scholar, too. Shouldn’t we chase after the truth?” Agnesi still kept her eyes on the diagram.

        “OK. Don’t work too late!” Lisa could only give her a friendly reminder.

        After Lisa left, Agnesi looked up to the skylight. The starry sky reflected into the little window. Although she had her unseeing eyes on the view, Agnesi pondered over the diagram. Suddenly, a few shadows darted across the sky, interrupting her thoughts; but it sparked inspiration upon her. She started redrafting the diagram...

        In the next afternoon, a boom came from Agnesi’s laboratory. Lisa and Gretchen were shocked and hence immediately rushed to it. They opened the door only to see a dust-covered Agnesi laughing towards a strange mechanical creature. Lisa and Gretchen looked at each other speechlessly, until Agnesi asked...

        “What do you think? Isn’t she awesome? I thought of it last night!”

        “From now on, you will be known as Vouivre!” Agnesi turned and said to the mechanical creature.

        Vouivre nodded and rubbed its head against Agnesi like a child.