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        Since being subdued by Jiang Ziya, Daji had been learning from him and cultivate her power in the Heavenly Kingdom. Affected by the ascetic pneuma there, her heart began to turn virtuous, and her demonic power also evolved to Xian power. On a silent night, Daji, in her vixen-form, was soundly asleep on Jiang Ziya’s lap. Her mind was brought into the dreams, returning to the beginning of her many adventures...

        In the dream, she had taken the form of a beautiful woman, Su Daji, and planned to enter the palace, hoping to become a loved concubine of King Zhou. It was only in this way that she could save the innocent Su family, and perhaps change the cruel king. Her vixen companion, Wanyue, had also adapted a Human-form, and offered her assistance by infiltrating the palace as a lady-in-waiting. When Daji first became a concubine, King Zhou was still an incompetent leader who indulged in lust and neglected stately affairs. However, Daji’s guidance gradually transformed him into a virtuous king who devoted his effort to his country and subjects. In addition to edifying King Zhou, Daji traveled with Wanyue, utilizing their pneuma to help citizens in need. This had gained the two renown across the country. One day, they arrived at a village ravaged by monsters; many were left dead or wounded...

        “The pain will be gone soon. You need not be afraid anymore.” Wanyue channeled her pneuma to heal the child as she soothed him. Just then, a warrior dashed into the house, his expression stern. Without saying anything, he pointed his sword at Wanyue: “Demonic creature, let the child go!” But to his surprise, the child stood between the two of them, yelling, “She’s a good person. I won’t let you be mean to her!” The warrior was palpably shocked by the child’s act, and was left benumbed to react, prompting chuckles from Wanyue. Just then, Daji and other villagers arrived at the house. They witnessed the warrior’s embarrassment, before they all laughed together. It was not until he heard the villagers’ explanation did the warrior realize that he had misinterpreted Daji and Wanyue’s actions.

        Since then, the warrior and Wanyue developed an increasingly close bond. Knowing that the two were in love with each other, Daji proposed King Zhou to grant the pair’s marriage. Daji’s kindness helped fulfill Wanyue’s wish, allowing her to marry the warrior. Although Wanyue decided to leave the palace to be with her husband, Daji was resolved to stay beside King Zhou and aid him for life.

        When King Zhou deceased after years, Daji continued cultivating her asceticism; she traveled around the realm and helped those in need. Later, she ran into an old man who lived alone in the woods. He was lost, and had injured both legs, rendering him unable to return home. Upon seeing this, Daji held the old man on her back, and cast a spell to search for the old man’s house.

        Daji walked for a long time, so long that her strength had drained, and her feet were covered in scrapes; yet, there was no sign of the old man’s home...

        “You need not continue! Your fatigue is indisputable...”

        “Do not worry about me. I said I will bring you home. I will keep my promise.”

        The old man smiled in content. He began to transform; the man on Daji’s back gradually turned into water, and flowed before her — it was the Celestial Divinity from the Heavenly Kingdom. He had already decided to invest her with Xian-hood; this was merely the last test he wanted to give her: “Daji, you have performed virtuous deeds for all. Now, I invest you with Xian-hood. It shall serve as a proof of your morality and benevolence.”

        Finally, Daji had achieved Xian-hood, and from then on, was an esteemed Xian vixen...

        ‘National prosperity, thankful citizens, and Wanyue’s bliss...When I witness all these, my heart is no longer lost. So what I have been searching for is the happiness from these trivial acts of kindness. If I had never lost my way and gone onto the wrong path, I would have fulfilled my own wish. Wanyue, you have finally found the happiness you deserve, and are with the one you love...’