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        Beowulf knocked the bear pounced upon him with the flat of his blade, yet he hit so strong that the cub rolled onto the ground, coughing up blood. The maiden retreated with the cub in her arms. She was so frightened that she tripped over her basket, and the fruits inside rolled on to the grass.

        “Leave me alone!”

        “Don’t you recognize me, Idun?” Beowulf yelled, with blood stains on his armor. “I am Beowulf, the leader of the Dragon Crusade!”

        Holding the injured cubs in her arms, Idun looked frightened. “How come you have ... become this way?”

        “If you could subdue Nidhogg, you must know the way to suppress the demonic blood inside me!” He closed in on Idun. “I do not wish to grow insane and turn into a demon as it this would mean forgetting my hatred for all of you!”

        Beowulf sheathed his weapon as he tried to capture Idun. Suddenly, an enormous golden snake threw itself at him from the woods and constricted him. Meanwhile the sound of footsteps was getting closer, as the guardians on the other side were rushing to Idun with another cub.

        “Humph! You cunning gods!” Beowulf lowered his head surprisingly biting the snake and creating a wound on its body. He sprang up and the snake hit the tree so hard that the spruce fell. Losing consciousness from the injury, the paralyzed snake was kicked to Idun by Beowulf.

        “Idun? You would let other people sacrifice themselves for you, huh? You love to see people die for you, don’t you?”

        Sobbing, Idun cured the animals. She kept repeating her apologies, maybe for what happened in the past, or perhaps it was out of Beowulf.

        “Open your eyes!” Beowulf grasped Idun’s head, with an ice-blue fire in his eyes. “I shall show you once more, how people exert themselves for you and die tragically without regrets!”

        He let go of Idun, prepared himself for the guardians with his blades in his hands –

        Only a hero could become the vanguard, Beowulf used to believe. When Odin called for help of all tribes, he led by staying in the front that his armor was always stained by blood. Therefore Beowulf followed Odin’s orders, despite having been a tribal leader in the past and a well-known hero in the North himself. When Tyr brought down his gavel to the dragonslayers, Beowulf could hardly suppress his anger and left the troops with his comrades. They not only had to fight their former companions who came for their lives, but also needed to suppress the desire to kill implanted by the demonic blood. His comrades were either killed by Tyr or Beowulf for falling to insanity. His hatred of the Gods and the world never stopped growing. The only thing that remained was his desire and anger to fight.