‘Sinner who led sinful souls to poison Asgard and overstepped the bounds of humanity, your sin shall be forgiven as death redeems you!'

        Norvi acquired the ability to communicate with sinful souls after casting a forbidden spell. Since then, Heimdallr saw her as an unforgivable sinner who had overstepped the bounds of a human. At first, she fought back with the help of black magic and the sinful souls. When she thought she had subdued Heimdallr, he gathered enormous god power! Norvi realized Heimdallr had always refrained from releasing his god power’s full potential. His true power was far stronger than she had expected…

        The scorching heat, Heimdallr’s strong god power, and his murderous look all terrified Norvi. Norvi stepped back out of fear, but he swung his ax, and a wall of fire appeared behind her. She had no option but to fight. She murmured a spells to summon the sinful souls. However, the sinful souls were hesitant to show themselves, frightened by Heimdallr’s blaze. She couldn’t summon any of them in the end no matter what she did.

        Norvi drew a few black magic arrays, trying to launched dark elemental spheres at Heimdallr. However, her spheres vanished the instant they touched Heimdallr’s burning armor. The continuous fighting and the scorching air exhausted Norvi. At last, She slumped to the ground and watched Heimdallr gather fire elemental power and launch a fireball at her!

        Norvi raised her hands intending to create a shield, but her energy was not enough. As the fireball was about to burn her to dust, she laughed bitterly...At that moment, a man’s shadow appeared before her and blocked the fireball. After the blaze disappeared, she noticed the shadow was the man she had longed for since forever…

        ‘Fafnir? W-why…’

        Norvi was stunned. For years she had missed him so much. She thought she would never meet him again. The long lost lover stood right before her eyes. As she stretched out her hands to touch him, her hands went right through his “body.” She felt nothing in her hands. The “man” standing there was just a “soul.” Even so, her dream of seeing her lover once again had come true.

        ‘I’m sorry…Fafnir...I…’

        ”I know. You don’t have to say anything.”

        ‘No, you don’t...You died because of me...If only I had stayed away from those spells, you wouldn’t have...It was all my fault…’

        Fafnir said nothing as he wiped Norvi’s tears. He wanted to hug her, but they could never touch each other again. Heimdallr dampened his fire and did nothing but stare at the couple silently. He began to see the reason why Norvi had visited Asgard. She bore not only Loki and Hel’s will but also the sin of murdering her husband...She longed for redemption and closure in Asgard.

        ‘But...Fafnir, how long have you been following me? I never noticed…’

        After hearing Norvi’s question, Fafnir handed her a necklace; it was the crescent necklace she had lost long ago that had Fafnir's finger bone embedded in it. She thought she had lost it somewhere until this moment.

        “I have a strong resonance with this necklace somehow, so I attached my soul to it, waiting for the moment we would meet again.”

        Norvi and Fafnir could not stop talking, knowing that they had lost too much time already. They each seared the other’s face into their memories, which would help them fight loneliness in the future...Norvi walked up to Heimdallr and kneeled. ‘I don’t have any regrets anymore. Please punish me.’

        Heimdallr stepped behind Norvi, who then shut her eyes, ready for her moment of redemption. However, Heimdallr only put away his ax and grabbed her crescent necklace. He said, ‘This necklace will stay in Asgard! I wish peace for the soul stuck inside.’ ‘But…’ ‘This is your punishment.’ Heimdallr walked away with the necklace.

        Fafnir’s soul followed Heimdallr to Asgard. Before he did, he smiled at Norvi, and they never met again. Norvi did not stop them. She knew this would be her path to redemption.

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