Crescent and Ashner cured the berserking disease with hornet venom, but the venom had also made them severely weak. They decided to stay at an abandoned house until they had fully recovered. During their stay, Crescent kept herself occupied to make antidote for the berserking disease. She used their blood that contained antigen as the base, and then added other herbs to make it into the cure. Not only could this antidote cure the berserking disease, but also eased the side effect of hornet venom. For Ashner, he was either finding food outside or observing Crescent’s work. One day, some unexpected guests knocked on their door——Benet and the villagers.

        “Doctor, I heard it from Ashner that you’ve found the cure to the berserking disease. Please give some to us,” asked Benet, who led the villagers to here.

        Crescent glared at Ashner, who looked away out of fear, making her sigh. Looking at those villagers, every one of them put on a pleasing smile, which made a drastic difference when they were kicking them out of the village.

        “I don’t cure people for their gratitude, but that doesn’t mean they can take my generosity for granted,” Crescent thought.

        “Why? I don’t want to,” Crescent said bluntly.

        “What? Why? Aren’t you a doctor?”

        “So? I cure people only to feed my appetite for interesting diseases, and I’m contented when it’s solved now. I guess it’s time to move on to another incurable disease.”

        “You…You freak! How could you sit and watch people die!” The irritated Benet yelled at Crescent. Yet she didn’t care at all but picked her ear. At this moment, Ashner pulled her clothes. “Doctor Crescent, please help them,” Ashner begged her for the villagers.

        “Please!” The villagers begged and bowed at her.

        “Alright alright, I’ll do it. But I need time for preparation. Give me a week and I’ll take the cure to the village,” Crescent agreed reluctantly as she couldn’t take the pleads anymore.

        “Still need a week…” Benet murmured, which caught Crescent’s attention. “What did you say?” asked Crescent.


        Crescent could tell that Benet was hiding something from her, yet she let it go as she wasn’t an answer-seeking person.

        Then she spent all the time on making antidotes together with Ashner, and all of them were finished making in exactly a week. Both of them headed to the village, but caught an unusual scent when they arrived at the entrance.

        “This smells like…blood! Does it mean the villagers have turned berserk?” Crescent thought.

        Before Crescent could warn Ashner, he had already run excitedly towards a person standing inside.

        “Hey! The antidotes are——whoaaaaa!”

        The person was pouncing on Ashner like a maniac—— Bang!

        That person was kicked away by Crescent—— it was Benet! He looked pale with swollen dark purple veins, which were exactly the symptoms of the berserking disease. Crescent grabbed Ashner and yelled, “run!”

        Both of them barely made their way inside the village, yet the berserk Benet never stopped chasing them.

        “What should we do? He will catch up very soon!” asked Ashner in a panic.

        “Gotta stop him…I got it!” Crescent figured out a plan.

        She took out a tiny glass bottle of red liquid, then stopped running. Benet was triggered to pounce on her. When she was about to be caught, she swiftly moved behind him and climbed on his back, crossing him with her legs.

        “D-doctor, what are you doing?”

        “Of course I’m feeding him the antidote!”

        Crescent held Benet’s head tight and cracked the bottle with the spare hand. The glass cut her hand to bleed, causing the antidote inside blending with her blood. Driven by his bloodlust, Benet sucked the mixture on her wounds like a starving baby. Soon, he stopped struggling as the cure kicked in. His veins stopped swelling and returned to normal colour.

        “Whoosh… That was close,” Crescent thought.

        After the incident, Crescent and Ashner found the others in a hidden cellar and gave them the antidotes also. According to the villagers, Benet had lied about his condition until the disease had finally broken out last night.

        Since then, Crescent and Ashner had become the saviors of this village. Everyone admired her skills and wished she could stay, but she refused decisively.

        “There’s nothing worthy to stay for. I need to find out all difficult diseases and cure them! Ashner, let’s go.”

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