Skill ID 291
Name Bestowment
Wiki Summary As long as one enemy survives, it will fully recover its HP and absorb all abilities from all its defeated companions.
In-Game Description As long as one enemy survives, it will fully recover its HP and absorb all abilities from all its defeated companions

Counters Edit

• Eliminate all enemies at the same time. Skills to aid in this include:

Instances Edit

Monster Stage Battle
832i836i Elemental Powers of Ancestors – Bestowment of Encounter 5
832i838i Creator of Spiritual Beasts – Source of the Stream 2
832i838i Creator of Spiritual Beasts – Knowledge and Emotions 4
838i840i Guidance of Life – Destination of Souls 4
190i190i Memories of Illusive Springs – Flying Ashes 3
831i831i Deities of the Gloaming – Symbol of Victory 1
135i141i Battles of Celestials – Under Orders 2
547i548i Value of Existence – Delicate Sentimens 3
466i472i Value of Existence – Staying by Your Side 2
662i665i Yearning for Utopia – Collapse of Ideals 2
838i840i Journey to Settlement – A World Belongs to Gods Only 3
031i036i Temple of the Honorable – The Dominat Omnipotence Extra 11
151i160i Heart of the Scholar – Unknown Field Extra 5
662i665i Heart of the Savant – Insight into Strength Extra 16
351i351i Inferno of Hell - Struggle of Nature and Desire Extra 9
350i563i Rays of Hope – Unaltered Love Extra 12
373i375i Stage of the Reincarnated Artifact - Water – Clue from the Stone of Origin Extra 8
363i367i Stage of the Reincarnated Artifact - Light – Request from the Mirror of Sanctity Extra 8
8029i8030i The Obsession with Fashion – Half Black, Half White Extra 14
354i563i Gate of Riddles – Praying for Eternal Verdict 4
463i465i Frustration of Youkai - Water – Becoming Homeless - Advanced & The Place to Return Extra 4
582i583i Frustration of Youkai - Earth – Mother's Affection Extra 7
373i375i Music Box of Breeze – Advanced & Extra 6
834i838i Regret of the Mother – Mother's Request Extra 3
836i840i Sacrificial Rites of Orochi – Advanced & Extra 3
151i662i Time Warp from Xuan-Yuan - Fire – As a Master and a Friend Extra 3
498i500i Divine Lord of Jade Purity 5
421i575i The Lunar Eclipse – Nightmare 5
582i585i The Return of the Evil Lord – Nightmare 6
157i160i The Sleipnir's Knight – Nightmare 2
141i144i Testament of the Archangel 2
582i584i The Tragedy of Solomon 3
8024i8027i Evil Deeds of the Rogue 3
354i563i The Midnight Judge – 16 Mar 2015 4
622i625i The Unwinding Force 4
584i585i Eternal Transmigration 37
354i563i Gate of the Abyss 10
288i289i Transmigration of Light and Dark 12
113i115i Flawless Wings – III - Greed and Desire 2
584i585i Transformation of the Queen – IV - Inheritance of the Mysterious Artifact 3
464i465i A Heart to Fight with Courage 2
334i337i Two Tender Hearts 2
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