“Let me out! You bastards!” In the space of consciousness, Satan screamed for help, but got no response except her own echoes.

        Satan was planning to take vengeance on Bael in the Sleepless City. Nevertheless, she was sealed into the space of consciousness by the awoken little Satan, losing control of her own body. Satan felt nothing but extreme fury. Despite her struggle, she was unable to break free from the shackles marked with prayer. All efforts had gone to waste.

        Perhaps her resistance and shout were too noisy. A shadow appeared out of nowhere——It was her creator, Loki. He mocked with a grin, “you still look energetic. Why bother to struggle? You know it’s meaningless, don’t you?”

        “Loki…” Satan glared at him, gritting her teeth. “You make me sick! Manipulate the identity as a father and instigate that little girl to kill the gods! How disgusting!”

        “Oh. You’re no better than me. If you two were separate individuals, you would have killed her to take control of your body already...We’re alike.”

        “You——I’ll rip you off!”

        “Ouch!” A scream broke into Satan’s mind, sending pain through her right arm. She looked down and found a cut on her skin. At the same time, reality was revealed in her vision——A few god soldiers were surrounding herself, armed and full of killing intention.

        “This is the vision of that little one...She did go to the realm of gods...That cut is made by the soldiers…” Satan soon realized the cause and effect. “Wield your sword if you don’t want to die,” she shouted.

        Instructed by Satan, little Satan swung the giant sword to unleash its power and the soldiers into half in an instant, painting the ground bloody red. As the blood splashed on her, she cried out.

        Suddenly, the scene went black; her vision was cut off from the little Satan’s, which brought her back to the space of consciousness. A figure appeared in the air——It was little Satan. She ran to hug Loki and wept, "papa...I’m scared. I don’t want to kill them...I can’t!”

        “There is nothing to be afraid of. They’re bad people. They deserve it. Take them down and you can be with papa forever.” Loki coaxed in a soft tone. She wiped her tears with a nod, and then faded away gradually.

        “Stop! You’ll only get beaten by the god soldiers! Let me control the body!” Satan shouted aloud, but her voice failed to reach little Satan as she had completely disappeared in this space.

        As Satan expected, little Satan was not good at fighting. Soon she was knocked down by an enemy. And it was a coincidence that this enemy was actually Bael, the god Satan hated the most! The long-lost anger buried deep in her heart had been awoken again. Satan at this moment successfully wielded her sword to stop his move.

        “The shackle on my hands has gone...Perhaps it’s because that little one passed out...Then her consciousness now should be in——” Satan searched through the space of consciousness. Before long, she found little Satan lying on the ground. In the meantime, Loki was approaching her.

        “Don’t touch her!” Satan yelled and tried to run, but her legs were still shackled. At the moment Loki grabbed the little Satan, the entire space was shrouded in the light. Miraculously, the shackle on her legs were disappearing.

        “It’s Bael...He’s removing my seal…” Although it came as a surprise, Satan couldn’t care less, stamped and conjured a giant sword with dark element.

        “Loki, leave her alone!” She took a leap and slashed with the sword. Without holding back, Loki parried with a short blade. Both of them were running neck and neck in terms of strength.

        “Look at how strong you are now.” Loki marvelled with a cunning smile. “Still, you have a fatal weakness.”

        Loki conjured a giant sharp claw with dark element, grabbing fainted little Satan by her neck.

        “Both of your consciousness coexist with each other. If she is gone, you will follow...So I assume you know what to do now.”

        “...Damn you!” Satan threw her sword away. Then, Loki let go of the little one and shifted his target at Satan instead. He slowly employed force against her; Satan gritted her teeth to bear all the pain.

        “Not even moan a bit. You know I can break your ribs——”

        “Papa...what are you doing?” A gentle voice interrupted. It was little Satan, who woke up from a coma and looked at Loki with fear. He responded by raising the short blade.

        “Everything is fine. I’m just lecturing the bad enemy. My dear, take the dagger, stab into her chest and she’ll be gone. Then you can do whatever you want with this body.”

        “He has never treated you like a daughter! You’re nothing more than a chess. Don’t be deceived by him. Think about what he did to your right eye!” Satan spoke loudly as she stared at the little Satan. “You know better than me! You’ve never forgotten about this!”

        “Stop! Stop saying!” Running away from reality, little Satan crouched down to cry. Loki then came over and touched her hair gently. “Don’t worry. Papa will protect you.”

        “Papa, can you call me by my name?”

        “Of course.” Loki faked a smile. “My dear daughter,” he said gently.

        “...Thank you.” Little Satan wore a smile, with subtle sorrow. Then she took the dagger from his hand——

        The dagger was stabbed into Loki’s chest. He glared at little Satan in astonishment. “ betray me…”

        “Papa...No...Loki, you’ve never called my name, not even once.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “In your eyes, I’m nothing...And I knew it...I just don’t want to face the truth...But fate is fate...It forces us to choose…,” she sobbed.

        “So you choose freedom…” Loki smiled. His expression delivered no disappointment, but a kind of relief. “You’re not my daughter. You’re not Hel, and you’ll never be. You’ll live as Satan in the future, and future will never disappoint you…”

        Loki and his giant claw gradually faded away, eventually vanishing in the space of consciousness. Only Satan and little Satan were left there.

        “...I hate you, everything you did to Dodo and the penguins. I’ll never forgive you for the rest of my life,” little Satan pouted.

        “What a coincidence. So do I.” Satan continued in her own way as usual.

        “Now our consciousness cannot be separated anymore. If you die, I can’t live either. So let’s make a deal.”

        “Interesting. Go on.”

        “We can share this body, but in one condition. Each decision we made must be approved by each other...I won’t let you kill innocent people anymore.”

        “Fair enough. And I’m not a coward who doesn’t fight back when being trampled. Now let me take over the body. I need to lecture that bastard Bael!”

        Little Satan nodded and handed the giant sword to her. As she took the weapon, the reality was back to her vision. She saw Bael kneeling on the ground, gasping for breath. Bloodlust was raging in her heart; Satan injected power into the sword and wielded at him. Bael was blasted to a stone pillar far away; Satan immediately spread her wings to catch up.

        “Humph, haven’t met for a long time, Bael! You removed the seal to set me free. Now I’m gonna kill you with my purest hatred as a gratitude.”

        When she was about to do it, a force stopped her.

        “Don’t,” said little Satan.
        “You little——”
        “We had a deal.”
        “Tut! Bugger! I won’t kill him. Let go of me!”

        Little Satan lifted her restriction on Satan. Then, she raised her giant sword to cut off the wings of Bael; blood started gushing from the wounds.

        “AHHH——” Bael screamed in agony, which amused Satan when she saw him suffer. “You’re always proud of these wings, aren’t you? Kiss them goodbye. This is my revenge on you!”

        At this moment, Satan saw gods are approaching from afar. Therefore, she jumped down from the sky with the sword. As those gods were unable to catch up her speed, they could do nothing but let her escape.

        Falling down, Satan looked at the azure sky, which had a sharp contrast with her heavy-laden mood.

        “I’m Satan,” she said without any emotion but tears. Those tears were little Satan’s. The droplets created a circular arc in the sky, resulting in a spectrum of light with the sun’s reflection.

        “I’m Sadie,” little Satan whispered in the space of consciousness.

        They were so different, yet so much in common. They hated each other, but coexisted. In a world full of love and hatred, both continued to search for their own path...

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