In a hidden cave located in the Heavenly Kingdom, a young man Li Tieguai got down on one knee with a smile while feeding a black kitten some fish.
        “No hurry. Take your time. I got a lot.”
        “You’re really here!”
        “Wow! Bro-brother Lü Dongbin!”
        A giant silver sword landing from the sky scared Li Tieguai stiff. Lü Dongbin, sitting on it cross-legged, jumped down.
        Li Tieguai wanted to hide the kitten in his clothes, but it struggled to come out, which made him feel panicky.
        “I saw it. You were feeding the kitten.”
        “I-I’m just raising my mythical beast! Don’t be deceived by its cute face. The kitten has a pair of deadly eyes. After 49 days, it will——”
        “Enough,” Lü Dongbin pressed his painful head. However, the situation was imminent, so he had to ask Li Tieguai for help.
        “Li, something bad just happened. The talisman used by Taishang Laojun to seal that powerful demon was torn into four pieces. We have to get them back as fast as we can. Otherwise, the realm of Humans will be destroyed by the demon!” Lü Dongbin said seriously.
        “What?” Li Tieguai stood up immediately. “Taishang Laojun is my saviour. I have an ugly, bizarre-looking leg, but he is still kind to me. He taught me Xian arts, so that I could become one of the Xian. Now that the Heavenly Kingdom is in trouble, I'm not gonna look on with folded arms. We better get going now,” he said as he clenched his fists.
        “Hold on!”
        Lü Dongbin grabbed his collar in no time, but Li Tieguai did not notice and kept running. After a while, he finally aware that he was just marking time. “Lü, why are you holding me back?”
        “Do you know where the pieces are?”
        “Then how can you find them, you idiot,” Lü Dongbin shouted.
        “Do you know?” Li Tieguai asked in confusion.
        “Of course I do! The pieces of the talisman have scattered in four directions in the realm of Humans. I'll head west and north; you'll go east and south. The pieces still have Taishang Laojun's energy, so you can follow the trail of it, understand?”
        “Crystal clear. Let's get going! Roar——bring it on! No matter who stands in the way, I'm not scared of you!”
        Li Tieguai was full of zeal. Soon he had arrived the southern area, picked up the piece hanging on the tree, and headed east nonstop.
        However, it was not that easy this time. The other piece had fallen into Bull King's woods. In view of its unusual power, the underlings had handed the piece to the Bull King already. As he wanted to take a closer look into it, a scream of fright came from the entrance of the woods suddenly. “What happened,” the Bull King frowned.
        “Someone is breaking in. He is stro——Ahhh!” An elf reported in a fluster. However, before he even finished his words, Li Tieguai sent him flying, hanging on a tree with a side kick.
        Flying into a fury, the Bull King stood up and crushed his stone throne immediately.
        “How dare you break into my land!”
        “Found you!” Li Tieguai's eyes glittered when he saw the piece. “Give it to me now! It belongs to Taishang Laojun.”
        “What a rude guy...What's wrong with your leg?” The Bull King was curious.
        “I was cursed with void of darkness when I was a child. Um...well it doesn't sound cool...Right! Let me make it clear. There is an ancient, evil yet powerful energy sealed in my leg. Every night I suffer terribly with the curse. However, in order to save Humans from danger, I'll do anything at all costs!” Li Tieguai kept talking and talking.
        “Um...What did you just say...? Void of duck?”
        “It's void of darkness!”
        “What is that place?”
        “It's-it's an amazing place.”
        “...You're talking poppycock.”
        “I'm not! You lower demon will never understand!”
        “You——!” The Bull King was completely tongue-tied with rage.
        “Give me the piece. Don't make me take it by force——”
        “Meow!” The black kitten suddenly jumped out from his clothes and scratched an itch with its back leg. The Bull King and Li Tieguai were in awkward silence at this moment.
        “You even bring a cat to pick on me! You're insulting me, aren't you!” The Bull King was red with rage. He picked up a great hammer, leaped into the air and smashed. However, the target was not Li Tieguai, but the black kitten.
        Clash! In the nick of time, Li Tieguai parried the blow with his metal leg. “You dared to attack the kitten...Unforgivable,” he said angrily, looking at the Bull King with wild eyes.
        Li Tieguai concentrated Xian energy on his metal leg, which started emitting strong light and a puff of smoke. Then, Li Tieguai pressed down and kicked him away. The Bull King was sent flying; the piece was fluttering in the wind.
        Li Tieguai's leg smashed the ground, leaving huge cracks on the surface. In a second, the surface collapsed, creating a big hole.
        He grabbed the kitten in time and jumped on to a tree before falling down.
        “Meow!” The kitten reached out and caught the piece in the air with its paw.
        “Well done!” Li Tieguai petted its head gently and kept the piece safe into his pocket. Then, he looked down——Half of the mountain, the Bull King and his underlings all sank into the hole.
        “It seems I've gone too far...But I guess Lü Dongbin won’t blame me as long as I finished the task.” Li Tieguai felt distressed at what he did. “Sometimes, a sacrifice for the greater good is necessary.”
        He carried the kitten and the two pieces to meet Lü Dongbin.

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