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        “Born in the evil time of turbidity, I shall be damned with my sin. But with this sword, I can die without regret.”
        Yashichiro sat straight, holding the sword with both hands. He gently pulled it out, showing a cold gleam of the bloodstained edge. Just a wipe, the edge became shiny as newly polished again.
        The sword was named “Muramasa”, “Sengo Muramasa” in full. Light as a feather, but sharp as razor, it was Yashichiro’s favorite sword. Yashichiro used to be a vassal, serving the master of the most sophisticated sword arts in the world. He was ambitious, vigorous and fearless. Yashichiro practiced hard every day with only one purpose, to defeat the master. One night, when the time had finally come, Yashichiro assassinated his master, with a clean cut from his right shoulder to the stomach.
        After the perish of his master, Yashichiro was wandering around the world. With his sophisticated arts, he was invincible whenever he challenged samurai; and such high-key action had made him feud with many enemies. Drunk, he stayed the night at a farmhouse. As Yashichiro fell asleep, he got ambushed. Sobering up, he defended against the enemies, but the sword Muramasa was already stolen. Without a choice, he disarmed an assassin and took his blade; however, the weapon was nothing but scrap compared to his favorite sword. Unfortunately, Yashichiro was outnumbered and slashed to death. Before his last breath, Yashichiro heaved a sigh.
        “The evil time of turbidity; survival of the fittest. But what a shame...I could never understand... the meaning strongest…”
        The sword was left. As soon as Yashichiro died, “Muramasa” was unsheathed to cut off a samurai’s arm. Stunned, everyone fled from fear, leaving Yashichiro and “Muramasa” behind. Afterwards, this sword and the story of Yashichiro were widely spread in the world. Whoever wanted to be the strongest samurai in the world, would fight for the sword “Muramasa”. However, all users of this sword were already…

        One night, the wind raised a cloud of dust in the wild. Corpses were lying everywhere. There were two people under the full moon——a rurouni and a kengo. The sword of the rurouni was dripping blood. But in a second, the blood was sucked into the edge; the entire sword glittered as brand new. On the contrary, kengo’s sword was already dim and dead.

        “What kind of evil sword is this…” The kengo gasped for breath while pressing his wound.

        “It’s Muramasa, the legendary sword.”

        Then, the rurouni turned around and left. So far, famous kengos defeated by him was innumerable. Since he got the “Muramasa”, his strength was brought to the next level, and never failed a battle since then. However, even with a string of victories, the emptiness in his heart could not be filled——He wanted to be the strongest.
        “Do you know who is the strongest?”
        A female stranger voiced from behind. The rurouni turned around and saw a lady in a kimono, who’ve already stood behind him silently, with an intimidating aura. The lady was holding a sword. Looking closely, it was his sword “Muramasa”. The rurouni checked on his waist and found it empty. The sword was stolen by the lady and he was ashamed of not knowing it. So he raised his guard.
        “Give it back to me,” he said angrily. The lady remained silent and tossed a sword found on a corpse. “You think you’re the strongest? Let’s test,” she taunted.

        The rurouni took the sword and responded, “I don’t fight women. And, who are you?”
        “Muramasa. Sengo Muramasa…” Before she finished her sentence, she unsheathed the sword and sprinted towards him like a phantom. Shivering in the heart, the rurouni had never believed that his favorite sword would become such a demonic woman. He immediately wielded the sword to parry; but the unusually-strong power of the lady had sent pain over his arm. The moment their eyes were looking at each other, the rurouni was stunned by her ferocious smile with bloodlust.

        As the rurouni barely guarded the attack and tried to slash on her neck, Muramasa parried it at a lightning speed and struck back from his right shoulder down to the stomach. In a flash, blood gushed from the cut; and the rurouni fell.

        “Master Yashichiro, I won another battle for you.” Muramasa mumbled at the sword with her body covered in blood. The wild became silent again; but the sword sent a deep sigh…

        “The evil time of turbidity; survival of the fittest. But what a shame...I could never understand...the meaning strongest…”