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        “Nome, remember, we are noble Demons. Our pure lineage is the reason why we have such a high status in the hierarchy. Lowering its purity will also lower our status.” Nome’s father reminded him every day since he was a child — before school, before lunch, and before bedtime. However, Nome did not take his father’s words seriously. Whenever he was told not to do something, he would deliberately do it. As a result of strict parenting, Nome hardly had any friends while he grew up. The only individual who would talk to him was a Human slave in his house. Since they were about the same age, she was responsible for taking care of every aspect in Nome’s life. She used to be careful around him until she accidentally shattered a plate one day and Nome took the blame for her. After that, she began to let her walls down and started talking to Nome.

        Their bond strengthened as time went by. She realized that not all Demons were frightening, and he could feel loneliness fading from his heart. During a full moon, their bodies leaned against each other. He wanted to kiss her, but she slightly turned away. Nome turned her face back and looked into her eyes. It was not until then did he notice that they were tainted with worry, so he tenderly said, “Don’t worry. I’ll always be here for you.” “But...I’m a maid, and a Human! If Sir finds out about us...” “No one can stand in my way. I have decided, and it’ll never change.” Nome’s words gave the maid courage. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of Nome’s lips transfer to hers. However, Nome’s father later found out about them. Enraged, he grounded Nome to his room and locked the maid in a cell.

        “You will stay in there until you understand what you’ve done wrong.”

        “Why do you care so much about the purity of our lineage? Are you saying we should give up our emotions just to maintain a high status?”

        Nome’s father did not reply and instead, left the room and locked the door. However, Nome already knew how to escape through the window as he had practiced many times before. He ran straight to the maid’s cell and saved her. They eloped to a secluded village and lived a life of hermitage there.

        Some time later, the maid was pregnant with Nome’s child. While Nome thought their happy days would last forever, he realized the maid’s body was deteriorating, as if the baby was absorbing all of her energy. The situation did not improve no matter what Nome did, until the day the maid gave birth to the child...

        At first, everything went smoothly, but the maid’s face gradually showed signs of pain. Suddenly, along with the maid’s screech, the baby bulged from her abdomen and crawled for a second or two before collapsing and losing its breath.

        The bloody scene engraved on his mind as he hysterically laughed. He finally understood why his family had insisted on keeping their lineage pure — no matter how dearly he loved her, the Human was not capable of bearing a Demon’s offspring! She was not qualified! She was nothing! Nome conjured blazing flames and burned his shame and wrongdoings to ashes. He then returned to his house and accepted his parents’ rebuke and admonishment...

        “Sir, we have found Ozma.” His subordinate’s voice drew the reminiscing Nome back to reality. He patted his black hound and said, “Bring me to her.” No matter whether it was for the family’s reputation or for his daughter’s happiness, Nome would not let the elf and his half-elf granddaughter live. He was going to show Ozma what a terrible mistake she had made.