Northern Dipper Story Ch. 4

        For some reasons, the 7 Xians of Northern Dipper were banished from the Heavenly Kingdom until they made 100 wishes of the mortals come true. Despite the “Northern Dipper Agency” they had started, the business had never thrived. Therefore, the 7 Xians decided to go out and promote their agency.

        Lian Zhen was assigned to pitch for business on the shopping street. Something tripped her when she was walking down the street.

        “Ouch! Why is there a stall…” Looking closely, Lian Zhen found a handful of squishy balls on the ground.

        “This is adorable! I’m buying it!” Lian Zhen took a ball after paying it; when she was about to shake it, someone stopped her.

        “Wait, boohoo...T-this is actually...a pepper spray...If you shake it hard, you could get hurt...Boohoo…” The stallkeeper explained while sobbing.

        “Huh? Are you crying because of the pepper?”

        “No!” Sneezing hard, the stallkeeper stopped crying and said, “I’ve spent every penny to stock these pepper sprays up, but I can’t even sell a single...I’m gonna be broke very soon…” He started crying again.

        “D-don’t cry. Let me help you with the selling!”

        “For real?” The stallkeeper gazed at Lian Zhen immediately.

        “AHH!” With a frightened scream, Lian Zhen froze like a statue. “D-don’t stare at me...I-I become stiff whenever someone’s looking at me…”

        “What? Sorry,” said the stallkeeper, shifting his focus to her toe. Regaining mobility, Lian Zhen got back to the conversation, “how come you decided to sell pepper spray?”

        “Self defense of course! It comes in handy when you’re in danger.”

        “Hmm...But with its cute and squishy looking, no one will believe its power...I have an idea! You just need a demonstration to convince everyone to buy it. Watch me——WHOA!”

        When Lian Zhen was about to throw a ball, she got petrified again by the gazes of two men.

        A lean guy and a fat guy were approaching the stall while staring at Lian Zhen. The lean guy then shifted his gaze to the stallkeeper and said, “how come you get such a hot chick despite the ugly face you have…”

        “It’s not like that,” the stallkeeper denied.

        “We’ve been searching for you. When will you pay your debt?” The lean guy pushed at him.

        “Didn’t I settle the debt long time ago?...”

        “You forgot the interest! I can’t find any valuables here…” said the lean guy, glimpsing at the goods. Then he looked at Lian Zhen and said, “or you can pay off your debt with this chick instead! Take her!”

        The fat guy took the order and approached Lian Zhen. As his gaze was glued on her, she went completely stiff and immobilized.

        “I’ve cleared the interest too! You guys can’t be reasoned with!” The stallkeeper struggled to protect Lian Zhen, yet the lean guy was too strong to be wrestled with.

        “Why can’t I move? Am I...still haunted by the past?” Lian Zhen, who should be able to defeat them with a snap of fingers, was paralyzed by just a simple gaze.

        “Get away from her!” As a furious yell sounded, the fat guy was suddenly blasted away, passing out on the ground. It was Po Jun, a horrible-looking man who had knocked him out; he was also one of the Northern Dipper.

        “Are you alright?” Po Jun mumbled to Lian Zhen.

        Before she could answer, she caught a glimpse of an incoming attack——It was the lean guy trying to hack Po Jun with a knife!

        “Don’t you hurt him!” Moving again, Lian Zhen successfully utilized her Xian power. As the flame was ignited on her fingertip, she blew a breath and turned the flame into a blazing bird, targeting at the lean guy!

        “AHH! I-I’m on fire!” Getting burnt, the lean guy fled clumsily.

        “Thanks for saving me. Your fire attack is incredible!” Po Jun then scratched his head in perplexion and asked, “but why did they attack you?”

        “It’s all my fault!” Feeling guilty, the stallkeeper told Po Jun about the whole incident.

        “We the Northern Dipper Agency will take care of all kinds of trouble you have!” Po Jun promised the stallkeeper.

        And so Po Jun joined the sales team. When he approached the pedestrians with a horrifying smile, everyone was startled to pay and take the pepper spray before he could even persuade them. Very soon, all stocks were sold out.

        “Thank you guys so much! I don’t have to worry about my business anymore!” The stallkeeper bowed at them.

        Feeling happy about helping Lian Zian, Po Jun smiled and said, “you see? Whenever you’re in trouble, I...we the other 6 of Northern Dipper are only one call away.”

        “Po Jun...Right...The past is in the past. I can’t be a coward anymore.”

        Taking a deep breath, Lian Zhen plucked up the courage and made eye contact with Po Jun. “Thank you.”

        However, it was Po Jun’s turn who couldn’t withstand the gaze of Lian Zhen. Blushing completely, he ran away and shouted, “AHHHH! D-don’t look at me like that!”

        “Huh? What just happened?” Lian Zhen looked at the disappearing Po Jun in confusion.

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