As the base of the tower, golems were the most important part of the construction. In order to protect Enochian Tower, which was built with the joint efforts of various countries as a direct passageway to heaven, ancient humans created the golems. However, every country wanted the power of Gods to themselves, so they manufactured golems which would only obey their own faction and drive all else away indiscriminately. As the golems only served their own masters, there had never been any tower climbers reaching heaven, until the arrival of Demons...

        Blazing Golems were the most loyal guardians of Enochian Tower. There were instructed to defend the second gate of the tower base. Upon the arrival of Demons, the Blazing Golems tried to expel them with their enormous claws.

        The leader of the golems was swinging at a Demon with its claw, when the Demon grabbed it. “So, I guess you’re the strongest among them!” As a surge of fire elements rushed into the body of the golem, it blacked out.

        When it opened its eyes again, there were no longer any sign of Demons around it. It could only see the fragments of other Blazing Golems and the gate which had been pushed open. It slowly stood up and walked to the gate, and it soon discovered the gate had seemingly shrunk...

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