“Incite, instigate and foment...step by step to take back what I deserve!”

        Mahonin trimmed the sprays in the garden with shears to remove withered flowers, as if to show her lust for removing all stumbling stones that stood in her way. At the same time, two familiar voices were sending to her ears.

        “This is all on you, your majesty!” Queen Circe pulled his sleeve in a lather.

        The king shook her hand off and responded coldly, “mind your tongue!”

        “If it wasn’t your stubbornness of our daughter’s marriage, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened!”

        “How dare you speak of her in front of me! She is not my daughter, but an animal who killed our son for that bastard nobody! I’m not gonna let her off, never!”

        “Our son died...Do you really want to kill your only bloodline?”

        “I’ve made up my mind! If you stand in my way again, don’t blame me!”

        The king left the heartbroken Circe alone, who sat down hopelessly on the floor.

        “Your majesty, are you alright,” Mahonin showed her care.

        Sitting motionless, Circe burst into laughter like a maniac. “Hahahaha! He wants me dead too!! I won’t let him hurt my daughter, not even a hair!!”

        Circe unleashed magic to resonate with the woods in the nation in order to find her daughter’s whereabouts.

        “I can’t let him get you. And I can’t afford to lose my another child anymore!”

        Knowing that Circe was all out with her magic, Mahonin reminded, “Your majesty, overusing magic will exhaust your body…”

        As Mahonin said, Circe went pale and looked dazed before long. Mahonin tried to call on a doctor, but she was stopped by the queen. “The magic cannot stop! I have to find Medea to help her escape!”

        “Your majesty, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. In this world, the only way to sort it out is “power”. Your majesty——” Mahonin was observing while she was persuading. Aware that her wake up call was working, Mahonin was one step closer to her success.

        “Power...right! How stupid I am! Why bother to beg him!? If I have the absolute power to overthrow his authority, then I can protect my daughter and be the king of the country!”

        “Maggie would devote myself as long as I can to help our princess. Your majesty...If I may, I have a humble advice for you.” Mahonin explained her lethal plan into Circe’s ears.

        At night, during dinner with the king and Circe, Mahonin served carefully right beside the king.

        “My queen, have you thought it through?”

        “You’re right, your majesty. I was wrong before.”

        “Very well.”

        “Your majesty, these fruits are fresh and delicious. Please enjoy.” Circe signalled Mahonin to present the crystal-like grapes.

        The king took one into his mouth; then Circe wore a smile, a cunning one.

        “Why are you laughing,” asked the king.

        “Hahahaha! Because I’m excited! Finally, my daughter is free! And I’m gonna overthrow you and rule this country from now on! Sleep with our son forever!”

        “Overthrow me?” The king questioned in sarcasm as he spewed that grape. Then he pulled out a lash from the throne to whip at Circe; in the nick of time, she summoned magic vines to block the attack.

        “Why didn’t it work!”

        “Humph, these grapes look poisonous. I’ve seen them before in the annihilated country. My queen, you’re one step slower than me!”

        The king burnt his lash with a candle stand immediately and whipped. “Like mother like daughter! You shall be damned!”

        The flames began to engulf the magic vines. Soon Circe was surrounded by fire. Her defense was in vain no matter how many vines she summoned.

        “Ahhh! Maggie! Help!” The heat had driven Circe mad.

        Standing on the sidelines, Mahonin threw a hateful glance at the king. When she heard “annihilated country” from his mouth, a surge of bloodlust started to exude. Then, Mahonin responded to Circe, “your majesty, he’s a dead man.”

        “What? Urrh——” This became the king’s last words, dying in poison.

        Mahonin took out a blanket to wrap Circe up and put out the fire with water. Looking at the puzzled Circe, she explained the truth to her. “To play safe. I’ve added poison into his wine. He’ll die as soon as he inhaled the smell of the burning trees.”


        Without answering anything, Circe lost control and laughed as she left. Such a reaction was a little unexpected, but Mahonin had no interest in digging in further. All she cared about was the result —— “Finally, I took revenge for my country! Next, I’ll seize this land from Circe’s hands…”

        One day, Mahonin was summoned by Empress Circe in the garden, the place where Mahonin once gave advice for her. As soon as they met each other, a magic spell appeared under Mahonin’s feet with a dazzling light.

        “Your majesty, why——” She asked immediately.

        “Maggie...No, I shall call you Mahonin. You’re a smart girl. You should see this coming, shouldn’t you?”

        “Why did you know——”

        “Poisonous grape is your idea...I can’t help but wonder why you’d be familiar with this kind of fruit, which was a local speciality in that annihilated country. I looked into it and found out your true identity. You knew the king wouldn’t fall into your trap because he had seen it before. So the true purpose was to make him attack me, so that I would suffer from the burnt and the king would die in poison, two birds with one stone. That’s revenge for your country!”

        “Even though you kill me, you son, daughter and husband are all gone! What else can you do!?”

        Circe wore a smile. “I won’t kill you.”

        The light of the magic spell started devouring Mahonin, whose body was slowly changing.

        “Oink!!” Mahonin was turned into a pig.

        “To express my gratitude for helping me to snatch the throne, this garden is yours now. And you wanna be a king? I make you the king of pigs as you wish.”

        Mahonin, turning into a pig, could not say anything but oinked, seeing Circe out of the garden...

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