The consciousness was soaked in an unlimited space. Alpha loved this immersive feeling, which was so addictive that he could stay like this all day. However, his younger brother Beta was fed up with his slackness, so he tried to use different means to wake him up, but it was of no avail.
        Sleeping for most of the day, Alpha finally got up; his consciousness also returned to the body. As the kinetic core on his chest lit up, he opened his eyes, but at the same time, a sense of loss surged within him. This was a common phenomenon that occurs every time he woke up.
        “...Why am I soaking in the rejuvenation pool? I don’t even have a scratch these days.”
        Machina got wear and tear in daily life. In order to repair the damaged parts, they were required to bathe in the rejuvenation pool from time to time.
        Alpha got up. As soon as he saw some weird dents on the wall, the confusion in his mind had become clear. He knew who did this to him.
        “It’s Beta again...He dropped me into the pool because I didn’t wake up. And he dented the wall of course, to vent his anger. He really needs to get rid of this bad habit…” Alpha heaved a deep sigh as he looked up at the ceiling for a moment.
        “But Beta is stubborn. It’s not an easy task to make him listen. Well, forget it. First, I have to find him, before he smashes this whole facility.”
        Alpha walked slowly to the corner of the room. The wall had a palm-size sphere called “circuits”, which were coiled by copper tubes. The circuits had covered the entire city of Oroz, serving as a wide network. Mechanical citizens, like Alpha, could connect to all the vessels in the city via those circuits for receiving signals or delivering messages.
        “Using the circuits will use up my energy...But if Beta really gets into trouble, I’ll definitely be blamed by Epsilon...Sigh, why I am his brother?”
        Alpha put his hand on the circuits while mumbling. The connection was initiated. The light started flowing all over his metal body, and gradually synchronizing with that of the vessels.
        “Where is Beta...Hold on. What’s wrong?...I can’t access the vessels in the entrance...The circuits there must have been destroyed by someone...Could it be the Eldus...I better take a look!”
        After disconnecting his hand from the circuits, Alpha got restless for the first time, sprinting towards the entrance.
        “What a terrible day.” He grumbled while running in haste, because he had forebodings about this.
        Alpha was right. He saw Schnauzer, the girl who changed from Earthling into his own kind, march on the mechanical city with her troops. They assembled at the hallway of the entrance.
        “Schnauzer...She still wants to recover her Earthling’s body, doesn’t she? I must get this traitor!”
        However, Alpha stopped his move suddenly when he saw them——the Eldus, who were also the creators of the Earthlings. One day, they showed up and attacked Alpha and his fellows. They were very powerful. Some Machinas were completely destroyed by them.
        “I can’t handle this alone. I should inform the others.”
        After analyzing the current, unfavourable situation, he decided to call for reinforcement. Passing through the hallway, Alpha ran towards the circuits closest to him.
        “Turn right to the storeroom. The circuits are right beside it.”
        He successfully found the target based on his memory. As he was going to put his hand on it, someone sneaked up on him. In the nick of time, Alpha gathered energy from the kinetic core into his leg. The plasma was spurting out; he did a roundhouse kick against the enemy.
        Clash! He parried the dark elemental spheres with a kick. The energy spheres evaporated as they touched the plasma, leaving an intense smell of metal. After a collision between the two attacks, its impact had paralyzed the circuits, which means Alpha could no longer use it to contact the fellows.
        “Sensitive as usual, Alpha,” a feminine type of Machina whispered.
        “Schnauzer…” Alpha gazed at her with a blank expression. He knew Beta was obsessed with her beauty. But to Alpha, she was dangerous and could not be trusted.
        “Personally, I don’t want to be your enemy...but I can’t help it. Perhaps it’s the will of Monesis.” When Schnauzer gave an order, troops of Earthlings came out from all directions. Alpha was surrounded.
        “Sigh...It’s getting more and more annoying…” He had no choice but to take up the gauntlet against Schnauzer——

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