As the base of the tower, golems were the most important part of the construction. In order to protect Enochian Tower, which was built with the joint efforts of various countries as a direct passageway to heaven, ancient humans created the golems. However, every country wanted the power of Gods to themselves, so they manufactured golems which would only obey their own faction and drive all else away indiscriminately. As the golems only served their own masters, there had never been any tower climbers reaching heaven, until the arrival of Demons...

        Blizzard Golems were known for their sturdiness, they were ordered to guard the first gate of the tower base. When the powerful Demons arrived, they were the first to confront them.

        The golems raised their stone blades to parry the Demons’ attacks. Back then, Blizzard Alligator was still just an ordinary golem on the frontlines, enduring most of the Demon’s impacts.

In the chaos, the Alligator saw a figure passing through the battle line, and its companions fell one after another after the figure passed through them. The Alligator raised its blades to chop the demon before him, but the Demon just smiled and said, ‘I like something that dares confront me with its blades.’ As the Demon waved his hand, Blizzard Alligator could feel a surge of water elements flowing towards itself, and see the debris of its companions flying over him like snowflakes. The Alligator was lost in what it saw. When it came back to itself, it discovered that the gate had already been opened, and its appearance had changed...

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