As the gate at the depths of the castle slowly opened, icy winds flowed out. Frost Melog entered the gate and felt a strong desire to fight. It could not understand what kind of feeling it was actually, but it just knew that it had to crushed the Alligator in front of it. The two roared at each other.

        “Go! Kill each other! The glory goes to the winner!”

        The moment he finished iterating, the two dashed at each other, Blizzard Alligator made a stroke with its blades, but was parried by one of the melog’s crystal arm. The melog then raised its other hand to focus the energy and shot a beam at the Alligator, forcing it to evade with a back flip. Having recovered from the attack, it pounced at the Melog again, but the melog’s tail, which resembled the sting of a wasp was waiting. The tail pierced directly through the Alligator’s core in a ray of blue light.

        Looking at the Alligator, Frost Savant smiled. “Sure enough, my creation is the...”

        The Frost Savant gazed unblinkingly at the Alligator and the melog as if he was paralyzed. The blue light on the Melog was drained unstoppingly to the core of the Alligator. Trying to pull itself away from the Alligator, the melog pushed back hard, but the melog could feel that its energy was being assimilated by the Alligator. An ominous sense was telling the melog to leave, but it could not as the Alligator was grabbing it with the claw. The melog kept struggling, but its efforts proved futile. The Alligator and melog was surrounded by a dazzling blue light.

        Frost Savant gazed at the blue light. His mind clouded, he could not figure out the situation until the blue light dissipated, only to see an enormous blue figure. The ice-blue mist coming out from its mouth, the enormous spikes on its shoulders, the gigantic blade on its left arm, and the sting-like tail...The Savant could sense a chilling malice from the blue eyes. He knew that no good could come from this, so he discharged a vast amount of vapor and escaped.

        The Alligator looked at its own body, realizing that it had absorbed its opponent. It had never imagined that its body would be modified yet again by another great power. It roared again, shaking the whole castle. All of a sudden, it pressed its head with its right hand as it felt an irritating substance was rushing into its head, giving it a severe headache. It seemed to be pieces of memory. After a while, it stood up as if it had realized something...

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