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        “Well done, McKandy.” “Father” holding a cigar, went through the bloodstained documents as he stepped on the dead bodies filled with bullet holes. After reading the documents, he crunched up the papers and shouted: “Another bluffing person with no connections to the Ancient Dragon Power! He deserved to die!” Seeing that her “Father” was furious, McKandy quietly stood by him and waited for his orders.

        McKandy was a “special” girl. She was quiet but thanks to her left arm, which was a heavy alloy manual sniper rifle that made her unique. Before she was equipped with the rifle, she was trained as a professional killer and deprived millions of lives. However, her “Father” was not satisfied with her performance. Therefore, he commanded McKandy to transform her body on her tenth birthday so that she could become a gun…

        Even until now, she still couldn’t forget the procedure of her operation. Anesthetics, pain, cutting, the dim light, pincers, and the shock of losing her arms...but she accepted the operation and the outcome because everything was arranged by her “Father”...

        However, she was not related to her “Father” by blood.

        Her biological parents were both scholars specialized in mechanical research but they were killed when she was young. She hid in the laboratory’s closet and through the closet’s slight opening, witnessed her parents’ death and a person’s hand holding a gun. Not before long, she was adopted by her “Father” and transformed into a gun…

        “Okay, the last resort is to find the famous Heisenberg.” “Father” said. Upon hearing her “Father”’s instruction, McKandy loaded her gun and got ready for the task.

        With one shot, McKandy smashed open the door and her “Father” stepped into the room. Documents, components and machinery blueprints were everywhere. Heisenberg crouched in a corner of the lab.

        “Good evening, professor Heisenberg. Still working?” “Father” took off his hat and said: “I want something from you.”

        “The thing you want is not here.” Heisenberg firmly said. “Father” shook his head and smiled: ”I want your research on the Ancient Dragon Power. Can I read them?” Upon hearing her “Father” finish his sentence, McKandy immediately raised her gun to threaten Heisenberg.

        “You filthy man! The Ancient Dragon Power is not for someone like you...” Before Heisenberg could finish his sentence, McKandy targeted his left arm and shot him. As the gun sounded, a figure suddenly stepped in front and took the bullet for Heisenberg. “Father” excitedly said: ”Ha! Is this a new invention using the Ancient Dragon Power? What a perfect body!” He fixated his eyes on Gretchen’s body.

        “I can’t leave you alone at dangerous times like this...Father, are you alright?” Gretchen worriedly asked. Heisenberg said that he was fine and Gretchen furiously said: “How dare you try to hurt my father! I will never forgive you!” She then clenched her fists and tried to punch the man in front of her. However, McKandy blocked the attack with her body, while her right hand kept loading the gun and pulling the trigger, aiming at Gretchen’s head. Gretchen successfully defended herself. A shiver ran down McKndy’s spine. She immediately took a blast shell out of her metal clip and loaded her gun with it. Before she could shoot, Gretchen forcefully hit her arm and McKandy fell to the ground.

        Upon seeing McKandy’s injured arm, her “Father” immediately withdrew under McKandy’s protection.

        “Are you father?” McKandy, holding her arm while almost out of breath. Her “Father” coldly glared at her and took out a familiar gun from his pocket, saying: “After all, you are just a piece of steel. The Ancient Dragon Power is beyond compare!” He ignored the shock in McKandy’s eyes and continued: “Go to hell, loser! Don’t waste anymore of my money.” McKandy fixated her eyes on the gun in her “Father”’s hand…

        It looked like the same one that killed her parents.

        “My parents died because of a gun like this...” McKandy sobbed. Her “Father” laughed: “Your parents also researched the Ancient Dragon Power, but they were losers like you.” He continued: “You are just a piece of ruined gun. Even this gun I’m holding is better than you.”

        All of a sudden, a spurt of fire bursted in the darkness, smoke engulfed the room.

        “...I’m not a gun, and definitely not your gun.” McKandy pulled the trigger of her gun and shot her “Father”. Seeing the red bullet beside her father’s dead body, she furiously exclaimed: “I am a killer! A killer with flesh and blood!”