Inside the base camp of the demons, there were Belial and Draco sitting across each other.

        “You’re so beyond my expectation. I’m excited to see the gods getting beaten up!” Belial praised Draco.

        “Give me the payment I deserve and I’ll get everything done,” said Draco.

        “I like your attitude! That’s why I’m assigning this mission to you.”

        Belial put a portrait onto the table, showing Draco an image of a young man.

        “My intel said that he has a critical secret about astralists. You’re going undercover to find out what that secret is. The astralist power you have will make him drop his guard,” Belial gave the mission details to Draco.

        “...Understood,” said Draco as she took the portrait.

        “Never expected that I would get involved in the astralist again...No. It’s not my business anymore.” Draco stopped herself from being sentimental and headed to where the man was. Right when Draco was finding a chance to approach, the fate had arranged a perfect timing for her. The man was stuck in a puddle of mud for saving a wounded duck. Draco seized the chance and threw a vine towards him.

        “Grab that!” As Draco said loudly, the man grabbed the vine. After a round of effort, Draco finally pulled him out of the mud.

        “Be careful next time,” the man said to the duck as he put it on the ground with a warm smile. The duck made a quack then ran away; He then turned to the gasping Draco.

        “Thank you...Huh? I sensed the presence of astralist power in you. Are you one of the constellations? What a coincidence. I’m Auriga, and you?”

        “I’m Draco. Actually I’m not quite familiar with the astralist power. It is all new to me. Can you be my mentor and allow me to travel with you?”

        “Sure, but you don’t have to call me tutor...I can’t afford that title,” Auriga said awkwardly while scratching his head. With the honest look he had, no one would have expected an immense power residing within him; The way he acted was also very different from the constellations Draco used to know.

        Draco and Auriga had been acting together ever since. They travelled the realm by Auriga’s carriage, helping people in need they met along the journey. The two of them had lived this life for a month. One day, Draco and Auriga were digging a well for a village in drought. Yet Auriga accidentally fell into the hole during inspection. Draco had to get him out of trouble again, taking care of his wounds.

        “I’m so surprised you can make this far…” Draco said, but she got irritated when she saw the clueless look on Auriga. “Why don’t you use your astralist power? This is why you keep getting hurt,” said Draco.

        “I’d rather get flesh wounds than turning ruthless. That’s why I only use it when I have to,” Auriga said.

        Draco couldn’t figure his words out until she saw a village attacked by demons.

        “This is…” The disfigured corpses made Draco sick. Meanwhile she sensed hostility from Auriga.

        “Why did they do this...Unforgivable!” The furious Auriga conjured the astralist power on his weapon. Yielding his blade, he slaughtered every demon at the scene before draining himself out. Draco lifted him up after confirming his unconsciousness, carrying him to a safe cave. When she was wiping away the bloodstain on his face, the peaceful look on Auriga made a sharp contrast with his cruelty in the battle. And she finally figured out the words he had told her before.

        “Does power really make people ruthless and blind us from our true intention?” Before Draco questioned her belief, Belial showed up and stopped her thinking.

        “I’m getting impatient for this one now. If he doesn’t have the secret, then kill him and end this mission,” Belial delivered an ultimatum to Draco.

        “...Understood. Everything will be settled tomorrow.”

        “I don’t care if power will blind me, for this is the path I’ve chosen!” Draco ignored the skepticism in her mind and initiated her plan decisively. She managed to be held hostage by demons in purpose, forcing Auriga to give out the secret. Turned out he knew nothing about it. The image of Auriga crying broken-heartedly moved Draco. Meanwhile, Belial showed up.

        “Aw, so brutal of you. You didn’t just fake your death, but you made him believe that he killed you. He might kill himself for that. Is that what you really want?” Belial teased at Draco.

        “Cut the crap. I don’t care if he’s dead or what. Next time, double check your intel so you won’t waste my time.”

        Draco toughened herself and gave out the words coldly. This was her only way to keep herself from walking back the old path.

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