Choux, Mellow, Zero and Ghostie found the triplets in the laboratory, but they couldn’t make it to switch off the pistol mechanism. Poor Tristan got shot, turning his eyes into translucent gemstones, dropping to the floor…

        Choux held faint Tristan into her arms, stroking his painful face gently with a face full of agony. “This is outrageous. I’ll make them pay!” she said resentfully.

        “Cullinan takes our eyes to make gemstones!” Mellow, riding on Zero’s shoulders, was so furious that she kept scratching his head frantically, making his hair a nest-hairstyle.

        When the cats were about to save Biggie and Twinkle from the glass box, a strong attack struck in; in the nick of time, Zero pushed the pals away from the hit.

        Turning around, Choux found that the attacker was Fist, the burly cat, with a poker face. She was first surprised by his presence, but then it turned into anger. “Why are you here...No! Why did you attack us!”

        Fist pulled out the punch stuck into the cabinet then responded coldly with a pair of blank eyes. “Eliminate. The. Cats!”

        Attacks kept coming at Choux, and she barely dodged them. “Are you nuts? It’s me!” she gasped for breath.

        Without any responses, Fist kept pressing forward; at the same time, a strange clinking sound was made whenever he moved due to the iron ring on this tail. Mellow spotted something wrong. “Fist is controlled by the ring! We draw his attention. You seize the chance to take it off,” Mellow turned to Ghostie.

        Choux threw her clay cheese, immobilizing Fist successfully when he stepped on it; and Mellow captured this timing to subdue his action together with Zero.

        “Ghostie, now!” shouted Mellow. Then, Ghostie hid her breath to sneak up on Fist with speed. Just as she touched the iron ring, he bulged his full-body muscles instantly to shake them off. “Eliminate. The. Cats!” he said like being cursed.

        Fist raised his legs to get rid of the cheese, grabbed the closest Ghostie by the throat and began to clench. “I...can’t...breath...It’s me...Fist,” she called feebly.

        “Choux, use these!” Mellow passed a stack of portraits to her. Choux understood her intention immediately and responded with a smile.

        “Fist, take these. They are your favourite!” She threw her kitchen knife together with the portraits between Ghostie and him.

        Seeing the gleam of the weapon, Fist let go of Ghostie to dodge the attack by instinct. Choux continued hurling more knives to corner him to the wall, pinning the portraits of Plumpy in her daily life on it.

        “Eliminate the Plumpy!” Fist gradually came to his senses after watching her paintings. “How lovely,” he shouted.

        The revived Fist felt a flow of power surging all over his body, eventually breaking the iron ring. To her surprise, the trick did work. “The power of love is really terrible,” Choux rolled her eyes.

        “Aren’t you with Plumpy? How did you end up here,” asked Mellow.

        Fist pondered over what had happened and only remembered he was swallowed by a giant fish . “I can’t recall anything else afterwards.”

        With Fist’s help, he broke the glass box with a punch to set Biggie and Twinkle free. Haplessly, when the cats were about to leave, a intoxicating odor filled the air...

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