In an open area, a dozen of enchanters stood in a circle, where a young girl and a male were in the center. Tawil’s silver hair danced in the wind, yet it did not affect the refined elegance she had. Tawil, holding a wand calmly, made a sharp contrast with that stiff-looking male enchanter.

        “So she is the said prodigy with mastery of all 5 elements?”
        “She just looks like a teenage girl, even younger than us. Is she really qualified to be our teacher?”

        The surrounding enchanters were all whispering, but Tawil couldn’t care less about them and announced, “let’s begin the magic practice.”

        The male enchanter immediately raised his wand to chant a spell; then fire element was conjured into innumerable arrows.
        “Fire!” As he swung the wand, arrows were shooting like downpour against Tawil, startling the other students to step backwards. However, Tawil was an exception. She just stood still and slightly knocked on the ground with her wand.

        Rustle! Vines grew from the soil, intertwining into a shield. Meanwhile, the male encounter put on a confident grin.

        ”Humph, my fire will burn your shield to ashes...What! Why the vines are not burning!”
        ”It’s because I’ve enchanted the vines with water element. It means the fire arrows are not gonna work for me now.” Tawil closed her eyes, murmuring a chunk of syllables to create a dark elemental spell and releasing the mist to engulf the male enchanter.

        “Whoa——!” After a shrill of terror, he fainted; and everyone present was cringing away instantly. “Bring it on, all of you together.” Tawil looked down on them with a glance.

        “But this will drain you completely…”

        “It’s fine. Bring it on.”

        Under her instruction, all enchanters raised their wands to fight at the same time. In a split second, they were defeated, lying on the floor defenselessly. As everyone was down, Tawil had no choice but to end the class early. Just as she was about to return to the staff room, an old man stood in the way.

        “ messed around as always, didn’t you?”

        “I’m sorry, principal…”

        “I’m not blaming you. It’s kinda interesting to me, hohoho...Right, I got the thing you want.” When the principal took out an ancient bibliography, Tawil’s eyes glittered immediately as she could not wait to beg him for reading.

        “Why are you so fond of the creation of the realm? You know it’s a taboo tale.”

        “I don’t know.” Tawil shook her head blankly, touching the outline of a primordial dragon on the book cover. “I just really want to understand more about them.”

        “Perhaps it’s your nature.” The principal stroked his chin with a smile. “Attend the Great Enchanter Seminar for me. There you’ll find someone who may satisfy your need.”

        In the seminar, Tawil was not good at socializing, so she went to a secluded garden to catch a breath, fidgeting the woodcut of primordial dragon given by the principal.

        “You must be Tawil the pursuer of primordial dragons. The old principal always talks about you.” A black-robe man Yocto approached her silently. Inside him, Tawil could sense that familiar aura——the aura of primordial dragons.

        “He must be the one who can satisfy my need.”

        Tawil and Yocto came across each other in search of the primordial dragons. They exchanged some new information, but this was still unable to satisfy them both. Therefore, they decided to go to the primordial dragon ruins recorded in the ancient bibliography.

        Yet the place disappointed them. The so-called ruins were merely some deserted bricks, nothing more but a few broken walls. As Yocto was not willing to give up so soon, he walked into the ruins alone, searching for even a tiny bit of clue.

        Suddenly, a cloud of strange, green mist was dancing in the air, slowly hovering around Tawil.

        “My child…”

        “Em? There is a voice in my head…”

        “Come. I’m waiting for you inside…”

        Although she was puzzled, that voice was kinda familiar to her. Unable to hold the curiosity, Tawil followed the green mist to dense bushes. Passing through, she found an unnoticeable, narrow cave hiding behind the bushes. Entering cautiously, Tawil walked past a tortuous hallway to a big altar, where she saw an ancient magic circle on the floor.

        At the moment, a green mist in human form emerged in the center of the magic circle. It was reaching hands towards Tawil, who held them without any hesitation. Just as they made contact, Tawil’s consciousness jumped out of her physical body, time travelling to the past…

        An injured yet breathtaking creature was right in front of her eyes. It was glaring at her viciously.

        “Damn you! Why did you save me? I’ve been cursing you; and trying to destroy you!”

        “Just as I’ve always been observing you, creating for you.” She answered calmly.

        She guided that creature to create; and that creature guided her to create from destruction. Then, the realm gradually became what it looked like now. But at the time, she was unable to defy fate, and she was collapsing. In order to save her, that creature had made a decision…

        “So...That’s what it is…” Tawil touched her forehead, kneeling on the ground helplessly after receiving overloading amount of memories. “Azathoth, I remember...the miracle you did for me…,” she whispered.

        Translucent tears slid down from Tawil’s eyes...

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